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 Enjoiy Mrs Y's Back to School Message below.  TEST!!!!


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Biography Bonanza!

For these final few weeks we will be taking some time to investigate Biography!  We are also exploring the graphic media text of comics and using BitStrips for Schools to create unique Biographies on our classmates.


Learning Goal:  Introduce your class to a unique classmate through a graphic biography!  Demonstrate an understanding of the features of a Biography(Writing) and a comic/graphic (Media).


Success Criteria: 


  • Must include Personal History of the classmate (PAST)
  • Must include Achievements/Accomplishments (PRESENT)
  • Must include Future Ambitions (FUTURE)
  • Interview planning sheet and interview jot notes must be submitted


  • Use graphic elements (panels, props, character positions,scences, etc…)
  • Considered use of space
  • Attention given to matching purpose (biography) to appropriate speech bubbles.

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Bitstrips with 7/8 W!

Stirling Senior has celebrated all things "graphic" this term.  With the generious support of the HPEDSB Learning Foundation we have opened a new graphic novel library and acclaimed Canadian author Scott Chantler visted on April 6th.  Phase two means students could move towards applying "graphic" features into their learning.  Mr Wolff's grade 7/8 have done this beautifully by visually  communicating their understanding of important events in history. Here is his assignement and enjoy these examples below!  Well done grade 7/8!
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Canada and It’s Trading Partners

Take a moment to think about what is happening around the globe!,29307,1626519,00.html

As you being to think about Canada and its trading partners begin with the 'Research Folder'.  Reliable sources for your information are a click away and easy to read!  Grolier Encyclopedia for Kids is the first stop and you want to search for 'key words' like "Natural Resources" and "Manufacturing"  when seeking out Imports and exports.  Searchasaurus also offers an encyclopedia!

 For facts on your country of choice here are a few sources of additional information


When you are completed collecting your informatoin you will love this game!

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Wrap up the Year with a Great Book! (8MC/7L)

Two classes this year will be wrapping up their year with a great read as they begin Literature Circles!  Mrs Lewis' grade 7s will explore the theme of 'Choices' and Mrs Manderville's grade 8s will consider 'Safe Haven'.  In all these book selections the main characters try to find their way as they grow up and face difficult decisions and situations.


Our Learning Goal:

 To develop an interpretation of your Literature Novel that shares the character's pt of view as inferred through explicit and implicit evidence in the text.


Success Criteria:



  • Consider the BIG IDEA/THEME of the novel

    ( what does the author want us to understand?)

  • Support your ideas with proof (explicit/implicit)
  • relate the BIG IDEA to your own life (make a connection)
  • Whose voice might be missing? 



Below are a few useful references:



     grade 7 Slideshow






     Rubric for all



      Reading Response for Riding the Tiger (7L) 



     Reading Response for Shaun Tan's The Viewer (8MC)




      Reading Response  for Roses in My Carpets  ( 8MC)

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8MC – Oil Spills

 Students in 8 MC are taking time to consider the powerful impact oils spills can have on our environment.  Below are some links that might support and understanding of the specific impacts on the soil, marine life, birds and others animals.  Begin by viewing this NYT slideshow and then use the links to help you dig deeper…



Oil spills Effect on Wildlife-

The Big Picture!

Layers of Life in the Gulf –


Turtles –


Click here to learn about how oil spills are affecting the Mangrove Trees


Effects of Oil Spills –

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Bitstrips at SSPS

After our exciting visit with Scott Chantler and with the 'kick off' of our new graphic novel collection (Thank-you Learning Foundation). Classrooms have begun to explore the language of graphic media!  8W has taken on the challenge of considering historical point of view with a Bitstrip challenge!  Above is a quick video that shares the potential of Bitstrips.  Have fun and I look forward to sharing your work with others around the globe!


Think about the guidelines below as your use this unique media to share your historical message!


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Graphic Novel Survey

We want to know more about you and what you like to read.  All SSPS student and SJPS students we would love to have this survey  before our kick-off "Drawing Kids to Reading and Writing".

Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey, the world's leading questionnaire tool.

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8H shares some great book pics!

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