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in October not to fire Esquilin, even though Esquilin had tendered her resignation. Asked Friday if she was confident that her examination would hold up to scrutiny from state officials, Garcia replied: "It was a quick review. I think I covered everything." She added that if something else was uncovered, HART would have to deal with it. Esquilin said she has reimbursed the organization the full amount using money from her mother’s retirement fund. She said she had been struggling after her pay was cut by about $18,000 last year. Records show her annual salary dropped from $78,000 to about $60,000. Esquilin attributed HART’s downward spiral to several issues, including sunsetting grants and a lack of new funding to replace them, reduced contributions from the city and poor accounting practices. She said that HART received $80,000 from the city in the 2013 14 fiscal year and is getting $50,000 in 2014
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first time in American history," enthused Vice President Joe Biden at the Affordable Care Act bill signing in 2010 and also predicted, "Tens of millions of Americans would be a whole lot healthier from this moment on." Undoubtedly, the law has led to fewer uninsured Americans. The percentage of uninsured adults in the United States in 2010 was 16.4 percent; at the end of 2014, it had fallen to 12.9 percent, its lowest point since Gallup started tracking the insured population in 2008. However, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office projects there will still be roughly 31 million uninsured adults in the United States by 2025, demonstrating that any notion the law would create universal coverage was a pipedream. There is also a coverage gap unintended by those who wrote the law: People who live in states that didn’t accept Medicaid expansion. The law essentially required states to expand eligibility and agreed to pay 100 percent of the expansion for the first three years,

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