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Women Want Men To Do More Body Hair Grooming MADISON, Wis., Nov. 12 /PRNewswire/ Fellas, if you want women to find you more attractive, you might start grooming a little more below the neck, not to mention your eyebrows, ears and nostrils. And ladies, you should speak up about what you think looks good. Odds are your guy will listen. Those are some of the key findings in a survey released today by Remington Products, a leader in men’s grooming and shaving tools. The nationwide poll asked 435 males about their personal grooming habits and 440 females about what male grooming styles they find the most attractive. The results: both men and women prefer a clean shaven face and said grooming is key to making a first impression. More than half the women (57 percent) think poor grooming is a major turn off if not a total deal breaker. Back hair Nearly three quarters of the women (71 percent) prefer men at least trim their backs to avoid looking like Neanderthals, and 33 percent would prefer a

Abbey," your cover of "Little Drummer Boy" that is part of the new Christmas compilation album "White Christmas," the new "Christmas at Downtown Abbey" CD, Sadie and the Hotheads "Still Waiting” CD and jumping the pond to tour the United States with your band. What is exciting you most? A: That’s very difficult to say. I am most excited about bringing the band to the United States. Some of the members have never been to America and we are hooking up with this great piano player, Barry Walsh. I have loved him for ages and never thought in my wildest dreams he would play
Cheap jerseys with us. I think that is the single most exciting thing at the moment. Q: Your group is so well known on your side of the ocean but not so much here. Is your hope to make it internationally known? MusicMore Events On Our Music PageSee all related8 A: I have been in business so long and learned to never hope for anything. I just sort of focus on what I know is happening and am mostly

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