Libraries shelved as school boards look for cutbacks –

Libraries shelved as school boards look for cutbacks –

Do you think schools still need libraries?

22 Responses to “Libraries shelved as school boards look for cutbacks –”

  • montanam says:

    I do believe that schools still need libraries. During lunch time it’s a place for me to go and study quietly. That is not possible to do in a hallway or cafeteria setting. The library has made me enjoy reading once again. Sitting in a chair, my eyes tend to scan the shelves- as the come upon an interesting book i feel the need to get up and approach it. I read more because i have access to a library. The library promotes a positive work environment and helps you engage in your reading. If books were placed into classrooms, you would have to interrupt the class if you needed a desired book. I do not believe this should happen and leave us library-less.

  • jennya says:

    I think schools still do need libraries. Without libraries, how’re you supposed to get books out that you want to read if there’s nowhere to get them? It is so easy to just go to the library at lunch and take a book out. Without the library, everyone would have to walk down to the public library to get a book or buy them…it would just be a waste of time, energy and money. If the books were just in classrooms, how are you supposed to find the right book you want to read?

  • christiane says:

    Annie Kidder says it crystal clear:
    “We believe students’ physical well-being is important, so we have a gym. As a Catholic school, we believe religion is important, so we have a chapel. If we believe literacy and reading is important, why wouldn’t we have a library?”
    To add to her statement, there are different types of people that attend school. Some prefer to go to the gym over the library, while some prefer just the opposite. It would be rather unfair to claim this space for alternate activities when, “There’s something much richer and more important that goes on” (Kidder). Save the libraries!

  • Kimberly says:

    I believe that this is a big issue. Schools need there libraries! Not only are libraries good for school work, or education people use them for more then that. We use them to finish over due home work, to go and find an interesting book, to go on the computer to look up important information, but we also use them for a place to go and sit and talk (quietly!) With friends or to meet new people or have a lunch date. We use our school libraries for almost anything! We need them to stay what are we going to do with out them? Please don’t let this happen!!! This is not right. Why would someone do this?

  • bradleyw says:

    I definately think that schools still need libraries. It’s not even a question that should be asked. First, if you wanted to read a book that wasn’t assigned to your classroom, then you wouldn’t be able to read that book unless you went to the public library. Next, there would be no place for older students to hang out during their spares. Sure they could probably hang out in town, but they are more likely to run into trouble in town then they would be if they were in th library. Lastly, all of the librarians and library technicians would be out of a job. If every school in Canada, or even Ontario, got rid of the library, then that’s a lot of people without a job. For these reasons, I strongly believe that libraries are a necsessary part of schools.

  • adrield says:

    I think schools definately still need libraries. Libraries are a great place to do work and read, and find books. If there is a public library really close to the school, then it is a little better, they still should have a school library for more convience. There is one part in the article where a person says that they believe kids need to be physically active so they get a gym, and that they believe kids should have some religion so they give them a chapel and that if we think literacy is important then give them a library. I completely agree with this statement.

  • zacharys says:

    I believe that we need libraries in our school. It’s a place to find a desired book. If we divide our books into all the classes it would be harder to find our desired book. I also believe that a school library is a lot safer than a town library. Kids may have to cross streets to get to their library, bringing the chance of kids being hit my cars. In all honesty we need our libraries in our schools, it’s smarter, convienent and safe.

  • kyleg says:

    I think that our schools still need libraries. I think this because the library is a place to go during your spare or to study when you need a quite space. Also if we got rid of libraries and all the books were distributed around classrooms, trying to find books for assignments and English class would be difficult because you would have to make your away around several classrooms before choosing the books you’d like to read, where in the library they are all in one central location and easy to find and take out. It doesn’t make much sense at all to remove the library because during lunch and students spares the library is packed and always tough to get a computer or a seat, so the real question is not if we should close school libraries but if we should expand our libraries. So overall closing the library would be an awful idea and I hope that this does not cause other schools to get the idea of closing their libraries.

  • patrickm says:

    Why? It is almost rude to take out school libraries. Everyone sometime or another needs to read or study or work on a computer. Without a library the grades of kids will decrease. People don’t always take out books at the library but people are always there. Without a library people wouldn’t have a quiet work space to work in. Not many teachers allow kids to come into their classrooms to work at lunch. The library is more than a home for books. It is a place where people can sit, read, relax, and get away from the outside world.

  • stephaniep says:

    Yes, I think that schools need to have libraries in them. I think that having libraries in the school, is a great resource for kid’s to have. Kid’s need a place where they can go to finish up work, relax and read, or to find information. Many kids don’t always have the time to go to a public library, so having the access to one right at school is very helpful and encouraging. I think that having a library in the school is encouraging because it gives opportuinties for us students to get involved in reading. Libraries aren’t just a place to get books, you can also research information you may need for anassignment… using books or the internet. Also, it’s nice to have a place where you can go and read a book of your choice and on your own time. There are many reasons why I think that schools should have libraries.

  • wesleys says:

    I am really not sure if schools need libraries. It is one of those topics that have pro’s and con’s. Libraries are a good place to go and relax during lunch or study like Montana said, but not all school libraries are open at lunch. On the other side, the number of library technician has gone down a significant amount. Also, some books cost a lot of money, that a school might not be able to obtain. I have gone to 2 schools in my life that haven’t had libraries, but all the books I needed where in the classroom, as the school-board in the article is doing.In the end, I am really not sure if schools need libraries.

  • ericj says:

    I don’t think schools need libraries. As long as appropriate resources are kept in classrooms related to the topic of the resource then there would be no trouble finding what you need. The area that would be taken up by a library could also provide more space for classrooms where teaching and learning can take place. some people may argue that the library is a good place to study, but it is just as easy to study in a classroom on your free time, or in the cafeteria. Also, the library does not give me the incentive to read. I don’t like to read and seeing a lot of books around me doesn’t change that at all. For the reasons listed above, I do not think schools need libraries.

  • jacobs says:

    I think that we still need libraries in our school. I think this because if all the books were in different classrooms, and you needed a certin book, then it would be really hard to find. Also it would be difficult to keep track of all the books. A lot of kids go to the library before, during, and after school, to catch up or finish their missed work. The library is also a nice quiet place to work.

  • sarahR says:

    It is unbelievable that these people are removing libraries. The removal of libraries is like burning all the books in the world and saying that reading isn’t important and doesn’t matter. Also, the library isn’t a place to just store books. Personally, I use it to do homework, study, and talk with my friends when I have nothing else to do. In the article it said that the amount of books being taken out has decreased, if the library is removed the amount of books being taken out will completely stop. I go into the library sit down and read for as long as I can, I can’t do it anywhere else because it is to loud and their are to many people. Another thing, not everyone in a school are the same some people play sports and others sit and read. If the library is removed a lot of students won’t have anything to do.

  • brookeb says:

    Libraries provide a mutual agreement for focus and education between the occupants. I believe libraries need to remain in school. It provides a calm environment for relaxation, catching up on missed assignments, working on projects, reading for pleasure and access to computers. If we divide the books, you will only see a fraction of what you could choose from. Libraries are specific areas that you can find whatever you desire. If you are bored at lunch time, it’s nice to have the priveledge of hanging out in the library. Taking away libraries would also put a lot of people out of work and most likely bring down students test scores. There is lots of studying that goes on in the library before class and during lunch.

  • alexl says:

    I believe that schools still need libraries. A library is a place that you can go and study or just go and find a good book to read. I know that their are a lot of people that do not take advantage of this resource and it’s usually the people that need it the most. If libraries were cut out of the school system and books were placed in individual classrooms, I know that I would not be as driven to find a book. I think this because if there are only a limited amount of books in one room, I wouldn’t want to search multiple rooms until I found a book that I liked. There is always the public library if we remove school libraries, another thing that many people don’t talk advantage of. Overall, I think that the people who use the library at school, would just go to the public library and the people who don’t use the library would just continue to not read books. So what I’m trying to say is that school libraries are convenient and we want them, but they are not entirely necessary.

  • matthews says:

    I did a blog post about this.

  • hannahs says:

    Schools need libraries.
    It’s so simple, yet many people don’t understand the issue that they are creating. As the first concern I think of when this topic is brought to my attention would be the inconvenience of the divided books. It would be more difficult to locate the novel that you were looking for if it could be in any classroom in the school. Having a library – an area where most books were located – is more helpful than having them dispersed throughout the school. If you wanted a read a book that was assigned to a different classroom from your own, then you wouldn’t be able to track the novel as easily.
    You may go to a public library in your town, but do you think each student would take their time after school to go to the public library? A place that is out of their way – they may give up and not be determined enough to locate a book.
    All in all, I think libraries should be in all types of schools.

  • smarkle says:

    This comment is written by Grace.
    Yes, yes, yes. Without a doubt, schools need libraries! Not only are libraries an excellent way to promote reading, but they are a safe, and comforting environment for a school. When one walks into a library, they are instantly calm. A library is a place to relax, research, learn, teach, read, and write. Libraries improve a student’s reading level and grades, nothing negative could ever come from a library. School libraries shouldn’t be an option, they should be a necessity.

  • Carrie says:

    Without Library Technicians (or teacher-librarians), who will select, order, catalogue and process new books for your school?

  • hannahf says:

    Yes, I think schools still need libraries. They add a place of comfort to a school, and many students need them. Some may not have access to computers or Internet at home, so libraries give them a place to do their work. They give students an easy access to research and knowledge, therefore have an impact on students’ academic education. They give you a place to relax, catch up on homework, or just go there for fun. Without libraries, I don’t believe a school would be much of a school.

  • taylerc says:

    Schools do need libraries.
    For one, school libraries create a safe environment for studying, and reading. You also have the problem with jobs. Many librarians have went to school for years to become librarians, and if they get rid of the libraries then they will be out of jobs. Secondly I believe it is a great way to get information on projects, essays, or any type of assignments. Some students may not be able to get to a public library, so they need to depend on the school for information, or even entertainment. Anyways I strongly believe that schools should have libraries.

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