Libraries shelved as school boards look for cutbacks –

Libraries shelved as school boards look for cutbacks –

Do you think schools still need libraries?

Grace’s Favourite Book Trailer

This link is for the book trailer Going West by Maurice Gee

Create Your Own Book Trailer

Get creative!

Tutorial for Prezi
Book Trailer Project

Best Book Trailer

Now it is your turn to find what you consider to be “The Best Book Trailer”.

When you do, post it to your blog. Closing date is Monday May 16th.

Next, it is your job to check out at least six of the trailers posted by your classmates.

Post your top 3. Link them to your blog.

Then post a list of “Tips for Creating Book Trailers.”  (at least 6)

This is due by Wed. May 18th.



In the News

Scan the news and find a current article with an issue of interest to you. Send this article to your blog.
Part 1:
Identify the issue, explain why you chose this article and express your opinion about this issue. Make sure you support your opinion.

According to the dictionary, an issue is a topic of interest or discussion.

Part 2:
End your post with a thoughtful question (no simple yes or no, or what do you think? will do).
Due: Monday May 9th

Part 3:
Read other posts and respond to one of the questions.
Due: Wednesday May 11th

Dedicated to Mom

Write a special blog post for your mom/grandma. Get creative!

A dedication to my mom (grandma)  …..

Author’s Festival

I want to know what you think!

Which sessions did you attend?

What did you like / not like about each session?

Would you attend another session given by these author? Why/why not?

Thanks for giving me this feedback.

Personal Posts

Part 1:

Find a movie that fits our definition of a “classic” – enduring relevance to multiple generations and speaks to the human dilemma.

Give a brief description of the story and explain how the characters and conflicts speak to the human dilemma – i.e. Clint Eastwood’s Million Dollar Baby.   

Make sure you end your post with a thought -provoking question (one that can’t be answered yes or no).

Part 2: 

Read a few of the other posts and respond to one of  the questions you read. Make a personal connection  to the question asked – connect to another book, film or personal experience.

Due Date:  Monday May 2nd


Why was your classic challenged?

Check out why your book was challenged.

Your post is due by Monday April 18th.

Useful websites:

Bannings & Burnings in History
Banned Classic Literature
More Banned Classics

Parent Survey

We would like your feedback about our blogging project this year.
Please take a moment to complete this survey. Thank you for your support.

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