Should cell phones and beepers be allowed in class?

In my opinion I believe that cell phones and beepers should not be allowed in class.

I say this because In class if you had them you would get nothing done.This will help the students learn better.It may help the teachers teach better too.So there not talking over themselves and teach better.

I believe no cellphones in class helps the students listen. This will help the grades.If students had cellphones in class they will not do any work, just texting.That’s will help students learn better and not just text.

It will help so they know what they are doing.This is good because the teacher won’t have to repeat themselves over again.It’s because they can teach better and not get a beeper going off and they can’t talk themselves.

In conclusion,I believe it is a good idea not to have cellphones and beepers during class.They are too distracting.


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Burger King

Grant and me are doing a healthy eating and a unheathy eating activity and me and him got burger king pictures and got the  menu for it to and where working really good with it.Where  done to.And we got importing facts about them too,Like a healthy lunch are a unhealthy lunch.

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Amazing save by Mike Smith

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My favorite hockey player

Also I love to watch hockey because I don’t play hockey and my favorite hockey player is Shane Doan and I like him because hes on my favorite hockey team and hes the captain on the Phoenix coyotes that’s why I like him.

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My name is Tyler and my favorite sport is soccer.  It is my favorite because I play it and I am really good at it too.  I love to eat potatoes because every supper my dad gives me alot of them to me and i eat them all to.Thats why I love to eat potatoes!!!!

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