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The Movie Shrek 2 Rough Draft Conclusion

Posted by on March 19, 2012

In my opinion I believe that the movie “Shrek 2″ is about a fairy till for ogres but it should not happen. I know this because the fairy godmother has a factory with potions, and happily ever after books. Tells who should and how to or have to, be happily ever after. There was none on ogres. So Shrek and donkey are trying to make it happen and be true, Than puss and boots was gonna hurt them but he tags along with them but he did hurt Shrek a little but than he was sorry.


Almost at the end prince charming tried to be with Fiona and fairy godmother tried to but than they stop them. So they live happily ever after as ogres but it should not of happen. That’s how I know this was a fairy till for ogres to live happily ever after. And Shrek and donkey drank a happily ever after potion to make them not ogres that’s some of it how all of this happen.

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