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Terry Fox hero,or not a hero?

Posted by on February 13, 2012

In my Opinion “Terry Fox” I believe that he’s a hero.I know this because Terry Fox would run a lot ,he would never quit till he ran all of canada.

And he did it to make money for all the kids with cancer.

He made a lot of money and he help them a lot andevery one was proud of him.\

Than he lost his leg and he kept on going because he wonted to help and not fail to make money.

Than he was dieing from cancer in his lunges so he died and he allmostĀ  made it accross canada.

So now at school every year we would run 10km for Terry Fox at every school to reprosent him.

Around are track,He was a hero because he did all of that running to help cacer for kids and cheraty.

He help them a lot,He was very inportant to them for helping.So thats why i believe Terry Fox is a true hero.

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