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  1. courtney says:

    My trip to disney world

    One day I woke up it was the day to go to disney world. Wright when we got there we went to the resort. The resort was really nice! The resort was pink with two comfortable beds! There were a lot of outdoor pools. One of the pools was wright outside of the room that we stayed in. we stayed on the first floor,the outside of the resort was pink and brick. The people i went with are my family(mom,dad,sister alicia). The people I went with went to all of the theme parks(epcot,magic kingdom,hollywood studios,and animal kingdom). While we were in florida on our way home we went to universal studios. In hollywood studios my favorite ride was the rock n roller coaster . the reason why i like it so much is because it went really fast,upside down,and black. Hopefully i encouraged you to go to walt disney world. P.s. if you go make sure you see minney mouse and mickey mouse

  2. Alexander says:

    My trip to Nova Scotia

    My trip to Nova Scotia was really was fun .On march break me and my family went to Nova Scotia for a week.WE stayed at three hotels on the way there and two on the way back. On the way there we drove four hours then six hours then six hours on the way back we drove eight hours then eight hours so it took sixteen hours to get there in all.It took three days to get there then we stayed two and a half days then got back home in one and a half days to get back.The hotels we stayed at were moms boyfriend has reliteves in Nova Scotia so we stayed in a cottage near them. It was fun going to Nova Scotia really really fun going to Nova Scotia.

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