A Journey of Food Through the Digestive System

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Have you ever wondered how food gets digested in the human body? What would it be like if the foods we eat were alive and told the story? Click the comment link and read some of the great and imaginative stories students in our class have written. 

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  1. Abigail! says:

    One day there was a burger named Bobby Jr. He was on a tray from Burger King and got picked up and got eaten!!! Bobby Jr was in the mouth and got chewed and then swallowed!!! He then went down a ‘Water Slide’ that’s actually the esophagus. “WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!” said Bobby Jr. He thought it was fun! “It is very dark though…..” He said scared and confused. He then started to get squeezed! “It’s very tight now!” he said. He got into the stomach where it was calm….. For now. He was covered in saliva that he said was water! Yuck! “It’s very steep!” Bobby’s voice echoed. He at least had more room in the stomach though! Out of nowhere, he started to get pushed down to another ‘Water Slide’ but it wasn’t as steep as the first one! “Where am I going!?!?” He said loudly. His voice once again echoed. He went into the large intestine then the small… And then was free!!!!! “I am freeeeeee!!!!!” He said happily!
    To Be Continued……

    • Erica says:

      Food the digestive system

      Hi my name is food.People eat me and I digest in people’s body I have so much people in my family there is meat,vegetable,dairy,grain and lot’s more. Those are just my brother and sister.You need to put the food in your mouth then you have to chew it with your teeth aahhhhhhhhhhhh! I don’t like that part then it goes down to your esophagus yayy! And down to your stomach that’s where I sleep because I sometimes get stuck there so you should drink water or a liquid so the food will go down by the why liquid is my mom and dad and i’m food if you didn’t know i’m a girl. So you drank a liquid then it will go down to the large intestine and small intestine the food and liquid would be free. And the funnest thing is going on the esophagus slide well bye.

  2. Jonah says:

    Bob The Screaming
    Banana Goes Down
    Bob the banana was having the time of his life. Until something grabbed him and he was getting all chewed up Buy vangs and going down a black hole He was screaming his face off like this.”AHHHHH”. Also he went down a water slide. It was the esophagus but he was still screaming. “AHHHHH”. But then Bob was sitting in some sort of juice. It was the stomach. “Gross”. But then he was starting to move and he went somewhere that was pitch black. It was the small intestine. “Weird”. But he sat and sat until he started to move again. He was going into this gross tunnel. It was super gross. I guess it was the large intestine. So he sat and then in about 2 days he fell out of a weird kind of hole. He came out the hole of the anus. He fell into a toilet. He sank and got flushed down another black hole. Also he screamed. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHH”.

  3. Evelyn says:

    Hi I’m Polly the Pizza Pocket and this is my story to the a large swimming pool to the unknown. First, Jake took bite out of me, oooooo that hurt. The teeth are so strong plus the salivary glands didn’t help, it was so slobbery and slimy. But all of a sudden I started going down. It was the esophagus! It was like a super fun water slide! When the ride was over I splashed into a whole bunch of acid. It was the stomach! It hurt, it was tearing me apart! But it took forever. I even took a nap. Then a tiny toob opened. It was so ugly I couldn’t even look. And now its a rollercoaster! I was going up and down side to side but it was quite slow. It was absorbing me! All my sugar fat and nutrients were being absorbed. It was the intestines! All of a sudden it got dark and I started going down. Oh! What is that ugly thing! (it’s the anus) I tried paddling the other way but it was just to slippery. And….. SPLASH! WSHH! And I was on my way down to the sewer, but I was not my old self. I was brown and an oval shape. How DISGUSTING
    THE END!!

  4. Grady says:

    Hi I’m Betty The Spaggheti. And I have made it to the great beyond. And I’m in? What’s wrong who cut the cheese? Not me that’s murder . The man who bought me was eating 10,000,000 buckets of KFC. He was looking finger licking good. Then he was ready for spaggheti which means me. I tried to escape but then he put me in a boiling pot. Then I finished I was eaten. I went down a big water slide called the esophagus. Then it ended I was in acid I tried to grab the wall but I lost my grip. Then I fell down a big tube called the small intestine. Then I fell out of the body I was brown. I soon figured out I fell out of the anus. Then I was sucked in the toilet. The end.

  5. Quinn says:

    Larry The Hamburger!
    Hi there! I’m Larry the delicious hamburger. There are millions of me because everyone loves me. Oh and look someone is trying to bring me towards their mouth to give me a smooch. Wait, why is their mouth open? That’s not how you give smoochies. NOOO he chewing me and eww there’s saliva all over me it must be from the salivary glands and now I’m falling down the esophagus! Wait YAY this is cool It’s like a big slide WEEEE…. PLOP! Oh cool a pool! This is no ordinary pool, THIS IS AN ACID POOL AHHHH The acid is trying to break me down into little pieces! I should try and get out of it oh no I’m already broken down into little pieces and going through the twisty slide called the small intestine! And now I’m going through the large intestine cooool… Well It’s been 12 hours but I’m finally going through the anus. Well Goodbye!

  6. owen says:

    Super Burger Adventure

    Hey I’m a Burger and my name is Joe. I’m a superhero and my brother is a french fry. My dad is a Milkshake, and my mom Is a Hot dog. When someone picked me up they tried to eat me.

    When they open their mouth I saw these things. I saw a sign beside them It said they were Teeth. But I call them evil chomping thing.

    it broke me down into small pieces and then I felt like I was taking a shower in this stuff called saliva.

    then it swallowed me I went down this big tube that felt like a water slide It was a few seconds long it was called the esophagus.

    I fell in this big boll thing That I think was called the stomach.

    When I fell in the stomach I felt weird I felt like I was going down another water slide but it took hours to go through it that was called the small intestine.

    I went through this other water slide thing but it was a bit shorter and took about an hour to go through. that was called the large intestine.

    At the end of the large intestine I realized the thing I was in Was called the digestive system. Then I came out of the digestive system. the thing I Came out of This thing that was called the Exit

    The end

  7. Tara says:

    Hilda The Hamburger

    One day Hilda went in the lunchroom at school ,when she ate a hamburger.
    The hamburger went in her mouth for the teeth to chew the food. The food goes down the esophagus . The esophagus is a long tube that pushes food
    from the mouth to the stomach.The food goes in your pancreas.In your pancreas food sits for four hours . Next the no longer food travels through
    the large and small intestine . Finally , it goes out the anus.

  8. Sara says:

    Hammy The Hamburgers Not So Good Day Getting Eaten

    One day Hammy The Hamburger was with her friends and then she got taken! Thrown into the microwave for 20 seconds. Hammy The Hamburger thought “oh no’’. When the 20 seconds were over beep beep beep she could hear the person’s footsteps. Hammy The Hamburger screamed “AHHHHHHHH!’’ the person dropped Hammy The Hamburger but for some reason they were still going to eat Hammy! And then they shoved her into their mouth. She was getting crushed by the teeth. Hammy The Hamburger was getting soaked by the gooey saliva and then she got swallowed! Down the esophagus Hammy The Hamburger went. She thought “this is not as bad as I thought. It’s like a waterslide. This is amazing.” But then she fell into the stomach. It took hours in the stomach. She was getting bored and was getting burnt by the pancreas. Then she felt like the stomach was a whirlpool. She got pushed into the small intestine and was shoved around. Hammy The Hamburger did not like this. She screamed but not for very long. Later she went into the large intestine. It was ok but Hammy still did not like it. It was like the last stage. Hammy The Hamburger tried to get back into the large intestine but it was too late. Hammy The Hamburger screamed “AHHHHHHHHH!” And out the exit she came.


  9. Dylan says:

    Hi my name is Hobbs and im a hamburger. One night I was on a plate being ate. Then I was picked up and thrown into a mouth and was chewed up by teeth. I went down an esophagus which is like a giant slide. Then the salivary glands gave the persons mouth saliva and it was not pretty at all! So I am still going down this esophagus slide. I finally fell into the slimy stomach. This place is not pretty. Now i’m finally moving again. I’m in a small but long tube which is a small intestine. So far I have been in here for a few days now. I’m finally moving again. I have finally got into a giant but short tube which is the large intestine. I have been in this thing for a few days now. I am finally moving AGAIN. Yes I finally see light again. Oh no I know what this is.

  10. jasmine says:

    Bobs first day at school
    Today is bobs first day at school. His teachers name is Mrs. Big ears. Everyone laughed. Mrs.Big Ears showed everyone the human body. For the esophagus they showed a really fat giraffe on the whiteboard. Bob was playing on his phone in class. He ordered a lot of junk food. At recess his food came. Everyone wanted food but he said no. when the bell rang he was soooo fat! mrs .Big Ears asked how did he get so fat! He then blew up. mrs .Big Ears was dissapointed. Did you pay attention about if you put too much bad foods in the stomache it will not feel good and you wont be very healthy. So who cares. For your detention. Food fight! They were all vegetables. THE END!

  11. Ben says:

    One day billy was gonna go to work . And when he got there were people out to the parking lot.I think how much saliva there is in all those mouths.Also i think how much bites would be swallowed and the esophagus is just like a water slide. Also this was really funny there was a ant in someone’s burger and chewed it went down the water slide and they swallowed it.

  12. Gabby says:

    Billy bacon and his trip to the human body!
    Billy bacon is the best bacon in the world until this happened… One morning Billy bacon woke up feeling warm all of a sudden CHOMP! Billy is know in the mouth sliva was getting him wet. He felt like he was playing wack a bacon! BUT HE WAS THE BACON! Then he felt like he was going down a water slide then he realized he was going down the esophagus. Then he went in the stomach and he felt like he was playing hockey and he wasn’t winning. Then he went down a really long water slide. But it was really the small intestine it

  13. Thomas says:

    The Adventure of the Taco Tuesday!!!

    One time Jeff went to get a Taco on a Tuesday Jeff went to Taco Bell and this is what happens. When you eat a taco When you swallow a taco.The muscles in the neck push it down. Then it goes to the esophagus. It runs down to the stomach makes it even smaller. Then it goes to the large intestine then to the small intestine. Then sometimes when you need to go to the washroom then you will feel so good. This is what will happens when i’ll make you feel awesome.
    The end.

  14. Kolby says:

    Bobby broccoli and his trip through the digestive system
    Bobby broccoli, that’s me. I’m sitting on Larry’s plate. Oh no, I’m on his fork. I’m in his mouth. What are these white chompy things I think they are the teeth. Hi, I’m past the teeth. But I’m all wet I think it’s the saliva. Aghh! I’m in a water slide it’s the esophagus. This place is big, what’s this acid on me. I’m in the stomach. After 4 hours in finally out. Now I’m in a skinny tube. It’s taking forever. I think i’m in the small intestine. Now i’m in a fatter tube. The large intestine. Now i’m a big brown clump i’m falling. Now I’m in a really weird looking swimming pool. Aggh! A water tornado.BYE!!!

  15. mia says:

    Bob The Crazy Cucumber
    Bob the Cucumber was having so much fun outside but then, he got shoved into very very dark hole but it’s a mouth that he is inside! Then he started getting chewed up with teeth and Bob got saliva all over him from the salivary glands. All of a sudden he started falling down the esophagus but he thought it was a water slide and he was screaming “AAAHHH”!! Then he went through the stomach which was filled with other things, and it was very dark! Then all of a sudden he slipped through the small intestine and yelled “AAAHHH”!! again, then he slipped into the large intestine and came out of the hole of the anus and got flushed down the toilet and screamed as loud as he could “AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!” THE END!

  16. chloe says:

    Bob the Pickels Dad Day

    Hi my name is Bob the noise making pickle. Once upon a time i was sitting on the top shelf of the frige a big mesn hairy giant came up to me and ate me. He threw me into his mouth and chewed me up with his teeth It went down the esophagus Which is like a big huge Saliva water slide. First day went down the small intestine and then I went down the large intestine I was in his stomach for a long time And then I fell out of the anus.

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