Does Everyone Deserve Respect?

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What does respect mean to you? Respecting people is something we just need to do. Do you think everyone should earn respect or does every deserve some level of respect? Click the comment link to read students work.

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  1. Abigail! says:

    Respect is very important! First, I think that everyone deserves at least a little respect because it makes everyone happy and it makes the world a better place. Also, I think that people do not need to earn respect because if someone is mean and your nice they might be nicer! That also makes everyone happy! Then, respect means don’t litter! That makes the world a bad place when people litter! Finally, respect means giving people compliments! If you give someone a compliment then people will want to be your friend! For example you can say they look nice! It also might make their day! Respect is always the nice thing to do!

  2. Kolby says:

    I think everybody deserves at least some level of respect. I think that because if not everybody had respect the world wouldn’t be as good of a place. Nobody would be able to work together. There would be alot of fighting. If you treat people with respect they will treat you with respect. If you disagree with something that someone has said or done it doesn’t mean you have to disrespect them. You should still respect them. That is why I think everybody deserves some respect.

    • Ben says:

      Yes everybody deserves should treat them how you want to be treated. Don’t be mean to other people. For example if someone gets hurt help them up. say nice things other people For example a song drop something pick it up for them.For example if someone doesn’t have any friends become friends with them.another exaple is say good morning.Say good afternoon.

      some respect because you.

  3. Gavin says:

    I think everybody deserves a little bit of respect because if you don’t give anybody a little bit of respect they won’t give you a little bit little bit of respect at all.And if you respect somebody they will respect you a lot too.
    So when everybody respect everybody in the world it could be a better place. If you respect more people they will respect you when you can have a lot more friends.And if you expect everybody at school you can have more friends.

  4. Thomas says:

    I think that everyone should have some level of respect. If you disrespect friends that is not fun having no friends. If you Respect everyone they will be your friend Everyone should learn a level of respect. You should have your friends and everyone around you even if you’re not nice to you and even if they’re your best friend and you get into a fight you should still respect them respect helps everyone if there sad or mad even super happy. You should always Use respect everyone around you use your respect!!!

  5. Ashton says:


    Every person deserves At least a level of respect Because if no one got no respect It would be very very weird If no one got respect everyone; would be mean. When everyone gets respect we are all happy Everyone is smiling and helping each other Some people need lots of respect for example children need respect your belongings need Respect. in certain places like churches you got to be respectful some stuff that’s not yours you need to be respectful.

  6. Quinn says:

    I think that every person deserves at least some level of respect. I think this because no one would be kind to each other if no one had any respect for each other. Everyone should start off with a little bit of respect then if they are nice they can earn more. You should be respectful to everyone even if you don’t like them. It would be rude if you have no respect for one person and a lot of respect for another person.

  7. Evelyn says:

    Respect is very important. Every person should have some cause if you don’t you don’t. And everyone does won’t some deal of respect and a way to earn that is by giving them respect. I know i won’t respect so if i don’t respect my peers then its most likely i won’t get any. To get respect you could: be kind, have eye contact with the person, and you could lend a helping hand because you should treat people the way you won’t to be treated. So then you can be treated with respect and not with disrespect. That’s why everyone can be treated with respect!

  8. Grady says:


    Respect is when you help someone or just compliment someone and they and they will trust you and will be your friend and will like you for who you are. Here’s a question does everyone deserve some type of respect? I think everyone does because everyone should be nice you don’t have to be complimenting or helping all the time all the time if you want respect then sure help but if they say I don’t need help then they don’t need help. You should always ask though because it’s nice helping. Now everyone wants respect so everyone deserves this is why if no one knew what respect was and there was 0% respect in the world it would be a war. So I don’t want that to happen but still everyone needs some respect even if it was 1% respect!

  9. Dylan says:

    I think people have to earn respect because if you give someone respect you would like to be treated the same. When you give someone respect it does not have to be much. Also when they give you respect it does not have to be much either. You also need to introduce yourself. If you introduce yourself they would give you respect because now they will know who you are. Also you shouldn’t lie either. When you lie and your friends find out, they won’t give you as much respect as they usually did before. That’s why I think you have to earn respect.

  10. Sara says:


    I think everyone at least deserves a little respect. Because The more you give respect maybe you’ll be able to make the other person, Respect other people and then it can go on and on and on. Also you should give everyone respect instead of screaming at people and yelling at them.

    You can also earn it if you give respect and if you give even more you will earn even more. Also just be a nice a little don’t respect others and not respect one person You don’t like.

    Also it is kind of rude just respect people a little bit. Also just be a good friend/person and respect other people. That is why we should give everyone a little respect.

  11. Sarah.G says:


    I think everyone deserves at least some level of respect. When you meet new people they start with some respect but if they lose your respect it will be harder to earn it back. If you treat others with respect they will treat you with respect. Opening a door is even respectful, helping when someone drops something. If someone is mean to you still give them some respect unless you get hurt because of them. Even if they aren’t your friend be nice to them unless they are very mean to you. NEVER respect someone who hurts you. That is my opinion of respect.

  12. danika says:

    I think every person deserves at least some level of respect. When you treat people with respect they will treat you with respect. You should treat people with respect even if they are mean to you. Opening the door is being respectful and avoiding shutting the door on the person. At the end of a sports game the players shake hands and say good game. If the teams aren’t respectful the referee, then the referee won’t want to ref the game and other teams won’t want to play them. Showing respect to each other makes the world a better place. respect is important between people and other countries. I think everyone deserves respect.

  13. Gabby says:

    Respect Does every person deserve at least some level of respect? Yes, every person does deserve at least some level of respect. Fore example if you don’t like someone you still lesion to them, and talk to them. That is a form of respect. Another form of respect is if you go on the bus and you get a pink slip the next day if he/she said good morning and you smile back you both are respecting one another. That is another form of respect. If you give respect to others you can get more friends and live a good life. That is why we all deserve at least some of respect so we all can live a good life talking to one another.Not talking to one another is not a good way to live your life.

  14. chloe says:

    I think people have to earn respet because other people I would like to be treated the way you would like to be traded .Also you need to earn respect because For example If you lie A lot and a lot people will not trust you.also You need to respect people no matter what. But you don’t have to be best friends or friends just respect people. If you can’t be respectful then don’t talk to them at all. If somebody comes up to you You can say hi or not say anything .Most of all you have to be respectful to family and friends .If youBully anyone you’re not respectful .If people are nice to you then you have to be nice to them .If you See strange when he comes up to you and start talking to you don’t say anything Back to them for don’t take anything from them and that is being respectful to you. That is why Respect is really important and you always have to be Respectful .

  15. mia says:

    I think everyone deserves at least a level of respect because if you treat Everyone with respect, then you’ll be treated with respect. Also, if you don’t treat people with at least a little bit of and your rude to them then maybe they won’t treat you with respect so treat people how you want to be treated. Even if you have an enemy then you should still treat them with some respect. Also, everyone deserves respect because if you don’t at least give people some respect then they won’t like you. Ways that you can show people respect is by: For example, if someone is hurt and you don’t show respect by helping them, then when you get hurt no one will help you. Also, another way of showing respect is by: if someone is talking you should listen. Another way of showing respect is by: helping people with work or opening the door for people. Another way to show respect is by: not interrupting people on purpose. Everyone deserves some respect because it’s nice to give them some respect!

  16. Tara says:


    I think every person deserves at least some level of respect because if you show respect they will show respect back . Someone could be sitting alone somewhere and you could ask to hang out .you could open the door for someone .There is always someone that needs respect . you can do alot to show respect . First , you can talk to them . Second , if they look sad , you could cheer them up . Finally , everyone is respectful
    In their own way . That’s why I think everyone deserves some level of respect .

  17. Owen says:


    Everybody deserves some respect. You don’t need to much respect. Respect is something that goes around the world. Respect is a great thing.

  18. Jonah says:

    Respect is something that everybody should get and that’s what should happen. People don’t have to earn respect they should just get it. So respect is something that everybody should get from other people. But if you are mean to other people you won’t get as much respect. But if you are getting bullied don’t go near that person. So if you want respect you have to be respectful to other people and you will get respect back. So if you get respect back that means you are being nice to people and then that means you won’t get people who are mean to you. You will get people that are nice to you. So if you want respect you have to give people respect. So always use respect as a solution. You should always have respect!

  19. Haiden says:


    I think every person deserves at least some level of respect because. If someone punches you your not going to say thank you. But if they help you with a bunch of your stuff. Your going to show a little bit of respect. If someone is calling you names you can talk it out that will show a little bit of respect. People have earn respect or they will have no friends. Then they will have no one to talk to or play with. That’s why I think everyone deserves a little respect.

  20. jasmine says:

    Why i think everyone should have some respect
    First, i think everyone should ht have any respect we
    would always be fighting and being unkind then
    love and peace wouldn´t be a thing and they didn´t
    create us for non sense. he/she created us for something
    to be part of Last everyone has believes and we have
    to respect this is why everyone should have respect

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