4V – Our Final Post for 2018

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The end of the year has finally arrived. It has been a great year of learning with lots of up and downs along the way. We have grown in many ways to be globally minded learners and developed and improved skills in character and curriculum. All of you have worked hard to achieve your goals for the year. Now, it’s time to rest and reboot and think about the upcoming school year. Plan your goals, set them high and believe in yourself! All the best! Mr. Vella .

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  1. Olivia says:

    It is the last day in grade 4 in Mr.Vellas class and some of the fondest memories are when it was a snow day and we went outside and played all day and another memory is when we all went to stirling theater to go see jack and the beanstalk! Moving into grade 5 i hope that we learn more about Ancient Egypt and learn more about division and dividing! I wish a very last farewell to my friends Emma and Nathan because they are moving to Ottawa so there dads can stay in the army or air force! I also with a farewell to my other classmates because most of my friends are in Mr. Vella´s grade 5 class or Mrs.Marcotte´s grade 5 so i wont see them a lot!

  2. Ryan Babbs says:

    Final Post Of 2018 By: Ryan!
    This is one of my favourite years from kindergarten to grade 4. It’s one of my favourite years because I had really good teachers for everyday, french, drama and dance. One of my favourite memories are going to a sports day at Queen’s university playing some really good games like timebomb. I think I was really good in lots of things like social studies. Moving in to grade 5 I hope I have a great year and understand everything I hope I am successful so I won’t get stuck in anything for grade 6! I hope all my friends are successful in grade 5 and I hope they have a great year.

  3. Grady Martin says:

    MY best moments in 4V was when we went to the Stirling theater it was really fun also I liked when caitlyn’s aunt came as a supply it was really fun and the best thing that happened in 4V was when we went to Queen’s university or collage it was fun when we were doing wheel chair basketball I thought that was the funnest field trip! I am very excited for grade 5 it is gonna be so fun because i’m in 4V again so it is going to be lots of fun that’s why i’m excited for grade 5! My final farewell to all of my friends is have a good summer and see you next year!

  4. Ethan says:

    My best memories of being in mr vellas class is when we went to the queens because of the games we played like zombie Dodgeball and we got to play with mr vella and we got to swim in the pool that was super big. And the Wheelchair basketball was my Favorite when i got to Drive
    In them in play and that was Awesome. When i go to grade 5 i will get Better and Learn more and set a lot of Goals next year. To nathan i will miss you a lot and i hope i will see you in the Future i will miss you a lot.

    From ethan

  5. Kaiden K. says:

    My fondest memories in my class is when we went to the queen’s university we went swimming and we jumped off the diving board. Moving into grade 5 I hope we do gym and do art because my favourite subject is art and gym. I would like to give Nathan lot’s of wishes as he and his family lot’s of wishes as he moves all the way to kanata. And I also want to give lot’s of wishes to Emma as she moves all the way to Ottawa

  6. nathan says:

    4V last day
    Some of my memories was that I have friends and I can talk too them on fortnite and I would sorta play with them when I move too ottawa I can talk too them and it would be fun too talk too them when i’m in ottawa with jackson another jackson kaiden another kaiden Donovan, Justin, Ben, Ethan, and more.My final farwell is too my friends kaiden, jackson, grady, Justin and more some things i enjoyed here where learning with students friends and learning from the teachers all my thanks goes too MR.VELLA!!! THANKS
    I’ll miss everyone when i’m in ottawa

  7. Madison says:

    This was one of my favorite grades because Mr. Vella did lots of fun with us.It was also my favorite school that I have been too!My favorite memory in 4v is when we went on the queen’s trip because we had so much fun and so did Mr.Vella!
    Also when some people went to the Blue Jays game and I did and the Blue Jays won 5 -4 against the Atlanta Braves! It was lots of fun! When I move into grade 5 I hope that I make new friends and still get good grades. Lastly I hope to Emma lots during summer and to play since she is moving to ottawa!

  8. Justin says:

    My success in my grade 4 class is that I completed grade 4. One of my memories in my class is that I had a fun time with all my friends and Mr.Vella and going to the stirling theater . Moving in to grade 5 I hope that i learn new stuff and have fun in grade 5. My final farewell to my friends is that i hope you have a great summer and see you next year. And I was glad i got to meet new people in Mr.Velles class.

  9. Jackson H says:

    My best day of the entire year was at Queens university it was so fun it made my day.I hope grade 5 is as fun as this year not boring the inter year and i won’t to have Jim every other day.I hope Nathan has a great school nest year and he gets some guide fiends.

  10. mikayla says:

    My best memories of Grade 4 is when we were making games and phys-ed and when we were making board games For other people to play.
    When I’m moving in the grade 5 I hope that it will be fun but also educational And I hope that we will do some art projects That will look really cool.
    I hope that my friends will have a good time and I will see them again soon.

  11. wade says:

    My fondest memory is when we went to the Queen’s University trip And It Was Fun What we played there wasHand ball, when we had free time For swimming.When I go into grade 5 I hope Kaiden Is in my class Is that we have more gym time and we go on a lot of trips . Final farewells to everyone .

  12. seth says:

    Some of my memories are going to the Queen’s University it was very very fun.
    When I go to grade 5 I would like to have some more class trips like that because it was super fun. I would also love to learn about different things.
    Good by Nathan Emma and Kaiden Though Kaiden is anoying sometimes
    Next year. I would like to get a few As in everything. Next year I’m looking forward to a great year.

  13. Emma k says:

    My favorite memories were going to The blue jays trip and queens.
    When I go to grade 5 I want to do some fun things like gym and play games.
    Farewell madison and ava

  14. shyla says:

    My fondest memory in my class is going to the Queen’s University trip. I like it because when we played handball Mr.Vella fell. I also like it because we learned new games. Moving into grade 5 I hope that a lot of my friends are in my class. I also hope that I make lots of new friends. My final farewell are to Emma And Nathan because they moving Ottawa.

  15. trayvon says:

    One of my Fondest Memories are going to the Blue Jays game.
    I really hope grade 5 is going to be fun.My funniest memory when we do art and we do games in physical education.
    I wish jason was in my class and Are there people I know.

  16. Avery.M. says:

    I hope i have lots of fun with my new teacher next year .
    I wish I had more times in physical education with my new teacher

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