Ancient Egypt

By , June 12, 2018 15:45

Over the last few weeks, students in our class have been learning about Ancient Egypt customs and traditions and how the civilization lived. 


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  1. mikayla says:

    There is a carrot field owned by a farmer named fred. Nobody liked fred but they liked fred’s carrots. Fred wanted a friend so badly he started to give away five giant carrot’s if somebody would be his friend. The only friend fred hade was his pet bird which he found when he was eating the carrot seeds in his carrot garden. He named the bird cheeco because his cheeks were so big. When fred went to the grocery store and found another bird but it was a baby bird. It was a bright blue so he named the bird blueberry. When fred brung the bird back into his house cheeco flew right over to blueberry and blueberry started jumping up and down. once people new fred loved birds everyone was his friend.

  2. Erica says:

    I think people should have a little bit of respect . Because 1 reason is if you be nice to people they might have more friends. 2 reason is if you be respectful you will make life fantastic because if you don’t you might get in a fight . And you will get hurt and that is not good . 3 reason people would be sad or mad if you don’t respect they would get you in trouble and your just going to be sad if you get yelled at .And you will not like that . 4 reason is if you want something from something from someone that your friends our not your friends. Would give you something .For example is you should give people a little bit of respect.

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