Stone Soup: A Story about Character Development

By , June 11, 2018 10:07

Students in class have read the great story of Stone Soup. In class, we have discussed the many attributes of character and how the story engages in character development. Students have written a point of  view about the story and the character traits it builds on. Click the comment link to read.

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  1. taylor says:

    It Happened One Day in Egypt.once King Tut wanted to build a pyramid so he tried and tried but he cannot figure it out One day his grandmother died her name is Tiye and his grandfather died his name was amenhotep lll So he could not could not figure it out And he had children their names were fetus l and fetus the ll Are very very cute then one day he built the Great Pyramid he put treasure and lots of stuff it was amazing then he died people found it there Was gold blocks of gold and they put all these Treasures in the museum Lots and lots of people came and seen it Great great grandparents were there great parents also his wife and their children.King Tut also built the Great Sphinx Was losing its color and then you rest of the Rest of the ancient Egypt people started a war with the Roman Ancient Egypt team was called Bakaha The Romans team was called hakabaThen they started fighting The ancient Egypt people cannot beat the Roman but then Roman 3 dying from the ancient Egypt people but then they won it was amazing even though King Tut was dead and all his family members died they still fought the people of Roman Egypt be so happy they were the battle of the Great Sphinx They are so happy they got to Remember King Tut’s Great Sphinx the end

  2. Abigail! says:

    Stone Soup is a book about Caring, Kindness, and Trustworthiness!
    Caring is one because the people of the village gave the soldiers ingredients for the Stone Soup and they gave lots of food to also make the Stone Soup. I also chose Kindness because everyone was nice enough to give the soldiers food/ingredients for Stone Soup. Finally, I chose Trustworthiness because they trusted each other so they worked together and they made the Stone Soup and everyone loved it!That is why I think that Stone Soup has those three important character traits about the book!

  3. Jonah De Ruysscher says:

    Stone Soup
    Stone Soup is a book about being nice and not laying and much more. But most of all it is about sharing and caring. Also a lot of other things.
    Stone soup is about 3 warriors or the 3 monks and they are all hungry because they have been on a long trip with no food. So in both of these stories they go to a village were they ask for food but all of them said “We don’t have any food”. But they were lying because they didn’t want to share the food. So they were not being honest. That is not nice. So Stone Soup is a book about kindness,honesty and much more. You can really learn from Stone soup if you are not nice sometimes.

  4. Grady Martin says:

    Stone soup!

    There´s lots of character traits in this story. Caring is shown in the middle because they´re caring about helping the soldiers make the stone soup! Also honesty is shown in the middle. At the beginning they were not honest because they said they didn’t have food they just did not want to share but when they were curious they were honest so you should be honest because lying is bad! Lastly being trustworthy is when people can trust you so if your not trustworthy people won’t trust you! That is all of the character traits in stone soup!

  5. nathan says:

    Stone Soup
    Their were these three warriors who were starving and then they saw a village and asked on every door for food they said they didn’t have any food but they did they were just being selfish and only caring for themselves but then there’s a connection of caring,sharing and most of all being kind in the other stone soup the three monks weren’t hungry they were just searching around the area then they found a village the monks went too the village and everyone shut their lights of dishonoring the visitors this little girl watched them and came out and asked what are you doing they said making stone soup she got a bowl they said it wasn’t big enough so the girl got a huger one the mom came everyone watched they came out looked and said the farmers let’s get some onions carrots and more they made a feist and they had a tiny bit of a ceremony they learned that day that you have too care share and be nice too everyone.

  6. Ryan Babbs says:

    Stone Soup:
    Stone soup is a book about character
    Stone soup is a book about character because the village people weren’t caring but then they started to care because they knew the soldiers were hungry coming back from war and how the might’ve saved there community that they live in. This book is about honesty to because the soldiers said they haven’t ate in 2 days and the village people said they didn’t have food and making up excuses. Another character trait in this book is trustworthiness the village people were not trusting the soldiers because they were being selfish about their community and family. Those are 3 character traits in stone soup that tells you about the story!

  7. Shyla Mann-May says:

    Stone Soup
    These are some of the character traits in stone soup.Honesty they are not honest because they said they didn’t have any food but they did. They show caring when they Soldiers made them food because they didn’t have lots of food so they cared about them making the food for them. They showed trustworthiness when they trusted the soldiers not to steal their food . Those are some of the character traits and stone soup.

  8. wade says:

    Stone Soup
    There are many character traits in stone soup.They were not honest because when they had food they said they did not and they lied.They show trustworthiness when they made the soup because they were making them food.They show caring when they ate the food because they cared about the food. Know you no some of the character traits in stone soup.

  9. Ethan says:

    Stone soup
    If you want to know what the Purpose is about stone soup then listen to me. There was three soldiers coming back from war and they came across a village
    And when the villagers saw the soldiers they made up a Lie Because they Thought that the soldiers were going to eat all of their food.

    So the people said we don’t have any food. then the soldiers got a big rock that looked like a pot then the soldiers went to go get three smooth stones then the soldiers put them in the soup then a little girl came up to the soldiers end said do you need a potato then the soldiers said yes.

    Then people started to help the soldiers then everyone helped them make the soup then when the soup was done everyone had some then when it was done they gave them a bed to sleep in then when it was day the villagers said can you make more of that soup but the soldiers said were out then the villagers got mad and cast the soldiers out in the forest.
    The end

  10. mikayla says:

    I think stone soup is a book about caring, honesty, trustworthiness because people started to care when they made a fire and a pot so they thought they were serious and they started being honest when they went to get food for the soup. They also started to trust the three monks.

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