It Happened One Day in Ancient Egypt

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Students in class have been learning about Ancient Egypt. Students have written a narrative based on their schema and knowledge and understanding of the topic. Stories should have a beginning, middle and end with a resolution to the conflict. Click the comment link to read stories. 

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  1. Grady Martin says:

    One day in ancient Egypt the sphinx was being built and all the pyramids were being robbed When the sphinx was built then people stopped robbing except for one man named Jonah he came from the Mediterranean sea he was born in Rome and he was looking for some gold! The sphinx did not scare Jonah he kept looking for king tut he never found him so he went back to his boat and went back to rome he said to his town that he did not find any gold so then he told his town to help search for the gold and a death mask but their was gonna be a war so they got all their gear they got on a big boat then went but there was a problem a leak someone tried to clog but it didn’t work so they paddled as fast as possible! They made it they talked to the Egyptians to surrender their land but they would not so! Then Jonah’s tribe charged then the Egyptians did too there was lots of violence eventually Jonah went to explore the valley of the kings and found something it was the death mask of king tut he rushed to the boat but it sunk so he hided until someone found him and threw a spear at him it hit his arm everyone tried fighting harder so then it was versus a peasant! The peasant was ready he charged at Jonah! And then Jonah threw a spear at the peasant! Jonah was the last man in egypt! And then called the jonah god, The end!

  2. taylor says:

    It Happened One Day in Egypt.once King Tut wanted to build a pyramid so he tried and tried but he cannot figure it out One day his grandmother died her name is Tiye and his grandfather died his name was amenhotep lll So he could not could not figure it out And he had children their names were fetus l and fetus the ll Are very very cute then one day he built the Great Pyramid he put treasure and lots of stuff it was amazing then he died people found it there Was gold blocks of gold and they put all these Treasures in the museum Lots and lots of people came and seen it Great great grandparents were there great parents also his wife and their children.King Tut also built the Great Sphinx Was losing its color and then you rest of the Rest of the ancient Egypt people started a war with the Roman Ancient Egypt team was called Bakaha The Romans team was called hakabaThen they started fighting The ancient Egypt people cannot beat the Roman but then Roman 3 dying from the ancient Egypt people but then they won it was amazing even though King Tut was dead and all his family members died they still fought the people of Roman Egypt be so happy they were the battle of the Great Sphinx They are so happy they got to Remember King Tut’s Great Sphinx the end

  3. Abigail R! says:

    Tutankhamun’s Death Mask Discovery!

    One sunny day, there was a 20 year old man named Howard Carter. He is the most rich person that ever lived! He loved to go into deserts and discover undiscovered pyramids and tombs. One day he discovered another pyramid. It was Tutankhamun’s pyramid! “Amazing!” Howard said. When he entered, going through very dangerous obstacles on the way. But he finally reached his tomb, he thought something was missing. “His death mask! Where is it?!?!” Howard said. Howard thought. “Grave Robbers!” Howard said. In the far distance he saw 2 men running. He chased them but had a difficulty. He finally caught them and returned the death mask. At the age of 30, Howard Carter died always being remembered. The End!

  4. Jonah De Ruysscher says:

    Ancient Egypt
    One day in Egypt there was a pharaoh named Jonah Caa and he was one of the best pharaohs Egypt has ever had. But then one day the Greeks came and tried to take over Egypt but Jonah Caa was not going to let that happen. So Jonah Caa got his best fighters to do the job and it was going to be a long fight because the Greek was more powerful but Egypt had more people. But the Greeks didn’t care care because they thought they were way to powerful for the Egyptians but the Egyptian did not give up and that they won’t give up until someone won. So the fight went on and on and on and on! Until it stopped for about 10 seconds. But then it started back up again. This fight went on for about 3 days or more. It just kept going and going until they killed the Greeks King. So then the Greeks went crazy and tried to kill Jonah Caa. But he hid because he knew at one point they were going to try and kill him. All the Egyptians have died except for Jonah Caa and his family. But Jonah Caa took his chances and went and got the herd of Donkeys and Camels and he knew this was going to be fun. So Jonah Caa went stampeding with the Donkeys and Camels and stampeded through everyone except for the Greeks best fighters. The Donkeys and Camels ran away and Jonah Caa was left alone 1 against 2. So Jonah Caa charged at one and killed him. But the other fighter was better the the other one. So then Jonah Caa wiped a sword at him and got him. But then King Tut’s death mask came of no man’s land and went right in front of Jonah Caa’s feet. So now Jonah Caa knew why the Greeks came. They to take over Egypt and get the death mask. But Jonah Caa didn’t let that happen. So they all lived happily ever after. The end.

  5. shyla mann-may says:

    One day in Egypt there were people sailing in the Mediterranean Sea and they found Egypt. The Greeks tried to steal from the pyramid and they succeeded.First they stole from Menkar and than Khafre.Last, they tried Khufu but then they heard something chasing them and it was the Sphinx behind them. They ran to their boat as fast as they could and went other side of Egypt.Two days later they went back and they dress the same and you could not tell the difference between the all. Later in the year they found out the greeks were there and they started a war called Qadesh and Ramses II led 20’000 men for the war.Two months later the war stopped and they were so happy they won and the other team had surrendered.That night they had a party and they heard something it was the same people from last time with more people from Greek and they took over all of Egypt. Then the Europeans came and they tried to take over Egypt but they failed and they turned into slaves for the Greeks.The next year the europeans took over Egypt then they had the most power in all.

  6. Abigail R! says:

    Tutankhamun’s Death Mask Discovery

    One sunny day, there was a 20 year old man named Howard Carter. He is the most rich person that ever lived! He loved to go into deserts and discover undiscovered pyramids and tombs. One day he discovered another pyramid. It was Tutankhamun’s pyramid! “Amazing!” Howard said. When he entered, going through very dangerous obstacles on the way. But he finally reached his tomb, he thought something was missing. “His death mask! Where is it?!?!” Howard said. Howard thought. “Grave Robbers!” Howard said. In the far distance he saw 2 men running. He chased them but had a difficulty. He finally caught them and returned the death mask. At the age of 30, Howard Carter died always being remembered. The End!

  7. wade says:

    One day in Ancient Egypt there was a curse on all of the mummies! The curse was that they did not have a spirit in the after life and they did not have any jewelry to look beautiful and they did not get wrapped in linen for mummification.
    The sphinx are trying to save the mummies they are having a war to get things to help the mummy’s curse. The sphinx lost the war called the battle of nubia! 43 sphinx died!
    The sphinx’s teams name is king tut!
    They had another battle the sphinx’s team had 34 sphinx’s fighting! The other team had 24 people fighting! The sphinx’s won the battle! They have 29 sphinx’s left!
    The battles are happening so the sphinx’s can get potions to save the mummy’s they would get the potions if they won a battle! They got 14 potions if they won a battle! When they won their battle they had enough potions to save all the mummies except for 1 mummy because the 1 mummie was very very sick because the person put bad potion in the jar for the mummy. The mummy sick and the sphinx went back to war to get the good potion. The team had 29 people the people were called king zoser. King Tut had 29 people to and king Tut won the battle. King Zoser had 3 people left and king tut’s team had 4 people left. The mummy was very very healthy after the battle and stayed alive.

  8. Madison Morden says:

    It was a nice day in ancient Egypt. It just happened to be the day when king Tut died! King Ryan was the new king! King Ryan was very very strict! If something goes wrong than they would die! It has now been 2 months when king Ryan was a king. Ryan had started to build his own pyramid. 6 months later… Ryans pyramid was now finished! King Ryan was very proud. King Ryan’s pyramid was the biggest Pyramid that has ever been built! But a horrible tragedy has occurred!
    The Sphinx came alive! The sphinx started running around, he was really bad! He was crushing all the pyramids and he evan Crushed King Ryan’s giant pyramid! All the people of the Town tried to get the Sphinx down but nothing worked! Finally they got him down and they all thought that they killed him, but really they just made him Super mad! The sphinx destroyed lots more stuff. later on after the town has tried to do everything to get him down, they finally came up with an idea. they all got some rope and took him down with that rope! this time that actually killed him everybody was happy, except for King Ryan he was very upset because the sphinx had crushed his giant pyramid that took him a long time to build! All the times people felt bad for King Ryan! all the towns people tried to help can Ryan build the pyramid again. but King Ryan said to the townspeople, It’s okay everybody I will come live in the town with you guys, instead of building the pyramid for me we can build a big house for me in the middle of the town so I can be near all you and we can have big family dinners for celebrations And we have dances and we can look at the full moon all together and lots more! Once King Ryan’s house was done all the towns people And king Ryan had a big dinner. They all lived happily ever after!

  9. Ethan says:

    I’m a Pharaoh Said Ethan And I’m going to make MyPyramid the biggest in the world When was getting built I started getting sick So when to go get my death mask I stole from King Tut.And then I went to the God’s to tell them what is wrong with me and they said you are really sick so you Go home and feel better and we’ll tell you what the sickness is And then he found the perfect Lady for Him Then he made her his Queen Higher and Lower Egypt Then didn’t feel that again So He went to the Gods And said do you know what’s wrong with me now And the God said you are suffering from illness you’re going to die soon And then Ethan got really mad because of that.When his survey came to him because he had bad News. it tell me now tell me now said Ethan And he said that your wife died Ethan got sad And when to her Tomb And a Raptor Danny has to send a prayer so she can live with the god Then he felt the sickness again And he said oh no this is the last Illness Before I’m dead So he went to his son And named him Hercules.then Ethan A big hug and a big kiss and then he started not feeling good again and that he died On the floor And Everyone Was sad And the people put him in his tomb.
    2000 years later his Death mask was the most famous in the world.

  10. Justin says:

    It happened one day in ancient egypt the sphinx came alive and they started moving places.The sphinx scared the whole village away but then a mommy came alive and the sphinx and the mommy teamed up.Then king tut came alive. But one day the great pyramids of giza got robbed.The robbers got all of the jewelry like gold and diamonds.King tut was worried so then the sphinx and mommy started looking. When they were looking they found some footsteps so they followed the steps and they found this abandoned house. So we went inside of the house and it had cobwebs everywhere.But then we found this cupboard and we opened it and it had our jewelry in it.So then we took it all but then we got stopped by guards, and we got away just in time.So then we put the jewelry back in pyramids and the sphinx,mommy and king tut went back to there places.


  11. Kaiden K. says:

    One night in Ancient Egypt there were Two pharaohs One was named King tut and the other was named king khufu. They were best friends,they used to serve food to the Egyptians. Then One night in Upper Egypt there was a war and king Khufu died and king Tut didn’t even know until he killed everyone. King Tut was very sad,now he didn’t have any friends to play with. So king Tut told king Khufu’s mom and dad and they put him in his tomb. Then on a thursday afternoon king Tut found a new friend he was also a pharaoh his name was king Khafre. After a couple of weeks king Tut and king Khafre became really good friends. Then when king Tut’s dad came king Khafre ran away like a bolt. A never came back until 15 years.(15 years later)when king Khafre came back they were stealing gold from king Khufu’s tomb they got in trouble so king Tut and king Khafre went to prison for a year(1 year later)they came out they were very sick they fed them rotten apples and cold soup for 1 year,they were 57 now they had trouble walking so they had to have some help from there assistance every day until one day when both of them died and there were no one in Ancient Egypt ever again. The end

  12. Emma k says:

    One day in ancient Egypt everybody was on a pyramid because there was a flood going on. It was from the Nile River. everybody was falling off the pyramid. the Nile River was so long that the flood was going to go on for a while so they everybody went to the top of the pyramid so they could stay up there when the flood.Three days ago with stuff they were building their houses because the flood ruined all them. the Pharaohs we’re lucky because their buildings were made out of stone.The next day the the sky was really black because of the dust storm that was coming everybody was taking cover behind a wall . Lots of people have died in the storm so they did A lot of Mummification. One of the Pharaohs had died it was King Tut. That one day when King Tut was buried by mummification everybody was sad so they had to vote on who was the next pharaoh. About a week later They started the vote The next Pharaoh was going to be Khufu . Mostly everybody voted for khufu because he was a nice man. the Pharaoh Khufu ordered lots of people to build a gigantic pyramid. They built it About 1,000 feet tall .It was leaning like the Leaning Tower of Piza. The Pharaoh Khufu ordered them to fetch him some lunch .Somebody said no nobody quite know who said that and then Khufu ordered the man who were the security guards to take them to the dungeon . to forward to the Valley of the Kings to see the man who was and the dungeon to see if he escaped the man didn’t one of the security guards was standing there and then he said if the man Xscape then he would get in big trouble and get burned .Two security guards were named Alex and Maiden .There’s a lot of other history and it is all in books now Said khufu.

  13. Ryan Babbs says:

    The Old Kingdom!
    It Happened one day in egypt…
    It happened one day in egypt when the pharaohs came alive from there tomb and began to take over egypt. All the people in the egypt middle class became peasants and khufu had his town all to themselves. And then more people were getting bored and overworked and the next day people couldn’t find Khufu and thought he went back to his tomb and a couple people thought he took over ancient Ancient Egypt, Ancient China, Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. Khufu’s grandson King Ryan will be the pharaoh and take over Khufu and send them back to his tomb. Everyone rather King Ryan then Tomb Khufu. It’s been a week said a peasant since khufu has came back came back maybe we should make King Ryan the pharaoh the grandson of khufu. Two days later… King Ryan is the pharaoh and everyone is happy But King Ryan does worse and everyone they didn’t like him because I started to get tired and very very hot. King Ryan made them have to have hair and thick clothes to get hot and dehydrated. Ryan began to tell the farmers it’s plant season and we and we need to plant crops because it’s supposed to flood. When the flooding began everyone stayed in the pyramid for 4 days then the water dried away. All the crops were grown and they were happy to eat and drink. But Khufu is probably going to come back soon. King Ryan sent a couple of people to find khufu and TAKE HIM DOWN. Everyone disagreed and they wanted to take Ryan down Everyone chanted Khufu to take Ryan down the next day. Khufu came back with 4000 peasants from ancient Greece, ancient China and ancient Rome. Khufu agreed to go back to his tomb he wanted to get lots of peasants because he wanted to save Egypt and make him the famous Pharaoh, king Ryan said I will fix everything. Khufu said goodbye and went back to his tomb.

  14. seth says:

    One day in Egypt there was a peasant that said he would work for the pharaoh. The Pharaoh said what are your talents. The Peasant then said that he was a good gesture he was very funny and always made his kids laugh.One day the Pharaoh called on him but he was not able to come he had gone missing. His kids went looking for him but they could not find him. Two years later they found him in a pyramid he was trapped. When they got him out he said that there was a grave robber trying to rob Tutankhamun’s tomb and then he tried to stop him but he got stuck. Later in the year that Farrell loved him and he was a great gesture. The end

  15. Caitlyn W says:

    It Happened One Day In Egypt
    One day in Ancient Egypt it was a normal day until the sphinx came alive. And protected the great pyramid and would curse anyone that came near it. Cursing people was the sphinx power. And when he cursed people they turned into stone. The Pharaoh’s son tried to stop the sphinx but he was not powerful enough to stop it. The Pharaoh’s son knew he needed a plan and some help to stop the sphinx. So he got everyone in the area to team up and look out for the Sphinx.The sphinx did not come for hours and hours and hours. But finally the sphinx came. But when the sphinx saw people near the great pyramid he started cursing people agen. The pharaohs son tried and tried and tried but he could not stop the sphinx. And then the pharaoh finally showed up and saved the day. The End.

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