A book about character development

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Sharing, kindness and being trustworthy can be very challenging. In the book Stone Soup, the main characters in the novel attempt to find ways to build character with people that have forgotten who they are. Click the comments link to read our point of view.

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  1. Kaiden says:

    Stone soup
    Stone soup is a book about caring because the monks care about the villagers behaviour and helped by making soup. The book is also about kindness, Because the monks/Soldiers were kind enough to help the villagers start caring again.
    Last but not least, trustworthiness Because the villagers started to trust each other again after the monks made the stone soup.

  2. courtney says:

    Stone soup
    Stone soup is a book with many good character traits like caring,honesty and trustworthiness. Here is how i think it is shown

    Stone soup is about caring because the villagers were not caring about the minks or people from the war and the monks were caring enough to give the villagers some stone soup.

    Stone soup is about honesty because the villagers lied about how they had no food.v but when the soldiers/monks started making the stone soup everyone from the village started bringing ingredients.

    Stone soup is about trustworthiness because they couldn’t trust anyone but at the end they all came together and started trusting each other.

    Stone soup has a lot of character traits and that’s how i think some of them are shown.

  3. Benjamin says:

    Stone soup I bet you’re thinking what is stone soup in the end stone soup is just to show how you can be honest, caring and trustworthy. The villagers were being honest in the end that they did have food to make stone soup. The villagers were caring because they started to help make the stone soup then they were building up character and started helping more and more. The villagers were being trustworthy because when everybody started helping they saw that they can trust everybody with what they’re doing and is comfortable around them. So I would recommend stone soup to everybody to read this because when you’re done reading you maybe have been teach a lesson of thing that you can do in our world.

  4. Donovan says:

    Stone Soup

    Here’s why I think that the book Stone Soup is a book about character development. Stone Soup is about character development because at first the villagers are selfish but by the end of the book they’re caring,honest and trustworthy.

    Caring, they’re caring in the book when the villagers give the monks their food for the stone soup.

    Honesty is in the when the villagers admit to having food.

    Finally trustworthiness, is in the book when the villagers trust the monks not to trick them. They are also not trustworthy because they didn’t trust their neighbors because of the war that happened so all they do is keep to themselves. Those are my reasons for the book ‘Stone Soup’ is about character development.

  5. paytn says:

    Stone soup really explains the point of sharing is caring. Stone soup has a lot of character development. You can very much see it throughout the book. The book has character development because the characters changed and became new people. The villagers became caring sharing and got to know their neighbors. The villagers before were much different than they were at the start. Now the villagers are more friendly and kind to their neighbors. In the book three character traits really come out caring, honesty, trustworthiness. Caring because everyone learned to care for one another. Honesty because everyone was eventually honest to the monks/soldiers. And trustworthiness because in the end everyone trusted each other. Stone soup shows character development in the book. It does because of everyone going from one state to the other meaning they were not friendly to being really nice and friendly. In the book all of the villagers grow as people and learn to share that’s exactly why this book as lots of examples of character development.

  6. Marcus says:

    Stone Soup

    This story is about Stone Soup about character development in the classroom at School or Home. Such as…


    When you say you don’t have something when you do and then you Confess but you do need to Confess right away so no trouble is made. Such as in the story when the Villagers say they have no Food they really do but the Monks ask for food to go in the soup because you just don’t want Stones so they start bringing food out but then the Monks find out there lieing.


    Is when you see someone with crutches for example and they drop their books on the ground and you pick them up that means you are Caring for them just in case they hurt themselves more. Like when all the villagers actually meet the Soldiers they were from the War and then gave them a bed to sleep in too. I hope this will help your Character Development.

  7. Abigail says:

    Stone Soup

    Stone Soup is a book about caring, Honesty, trustworthy.

    Caring, Caring is when the three characters made the soup they were caring for the villagers because they taught them how to share and work together as a team and village.

    Honesty,Honesty happened in this book because when the villagers hid there food and said we have little food left to share but when the 3 soldiers made stone soup they had all their food and tons of food with them and made a great meal.

    Trustworthy, Trustworthy happened in this book because when the war happened the villagers did not trust their neighbors and the stone soup bring them back together as a village and you can trust each other.

    That is the three characteristics in the book of stone soup and how stone soup helped them.

  8. Morgan says:

    Stone Soup

    Stone Soup is a book that shows many examples of good character traits such as honesty caring trustworthiness.

    In stone soup caring is shown by the little girl getting the first of supplies to help the monks make the soup.another way caring is shown is when the monks gave out the soup to the villagers in the village even though they turned on them at first. The last way caring is shown in the story is when the villagers let the soup makers sleep in their village for the night.

    One way honesty is shown in the story is when the monks was giving them the “stone soup” that part wasn’t honest but the part that was was when they said we would make soup not stone but it’s still soup. The last way honesty was shown was when the villagers actually decided to be truthful and give them the food to make the food/ soup

    One way trustworthiness is shown in the story was when the food was given to the monks you could tell that the villagers trusted them to give them their food and make them a meal [soup].The last way trust was shown was when the monks called out and the little girl came out to see what was going on so then she decided to help.

    This book as you see shows many great character traits that we could all learn from and work harder to do these traits.

  9. Tyler says:

    Have you ever heard of the book “stone soup”? It is about 3 monk’s that take a stroll through the mountains and find a village and try to get the selfish greedy villagers to share and work together. The book has a great example of caring, honesty, and trustworthiness.
    The book has caring in it because in the end of the book they were becoming more caring and helping each other from what the monk’s started(by making the soup).
    The book has honesty in it because at the end of the book they began to give and admit to having enough food for everyone to share.
    There is trustworthiness in the book because the people of the village did not trust each other at the beginning but near the end they started to trust and help others to grow the community.
    Hopefully you find the book at your local library and read it to learn more about caring, honesty, and trustworthiness.

  10. Emma says:

    Have you ever heard of the story “stone soup”? Well if not, the story is about character development and characteristics.
    The characteristic of caring comes out when the villagers realize that caring for one another is an important part of being friends. They need to be moore caring and kind to one another because they need to be having a healthy relationship as friends and family. The monks/soldiers realize that they are not caring so they make stone soup to bring everyone together.
    Honesty shows because they were not honest in the beginning because hey lied and said no food was there to spare. The monks and soldiers proved them wrong and that they lied.
    trustworthiness comes out because they learn to trust each other and become friends. You can’t really be friends with someone you don’t have initiative in and can’t trust.
    These are a few reasons that I believe the books about character development.

  11. Nikeyia says:

    Stone Soup
    Stone soup has a lot of character traits in the story and I will be explaining it. Also there are a lot of character traits in this paragraph that I have wrote. It is a book about character development because that is probably what the author wants us to try and figure out. Also there are a lot of character traits that you can give the book like Honesty,Respect,Kindness and many more. Also I can even name some of the character traits that were in the story and they are: Trustworthy,Caring,Respect and lots more. In the story Stone Soup I think that the author only wrote this story to see the character traits. If you read this story you could find the character traits.

  12. kori says:

    Stone soup
    Stone soup is an awesome book to read. It is about character development because it wants to show that everyone should be caring, honest and trustworthy because even if you don’t trust someone you still need to trust them. Also it shows that people can change of what they think about one another. People can change all the time. Also people need to be honest, caring and trustworthy with each other. People were not trusting and caring for one another at the start of the book so that’s why they made the soup so everyone can work together and trust each other. I think it wants to teach kids that caring and trusting is important and every one should be caring and trustworthy. That is why I think stone soup is about character development.

  13. ETHAN says:

    Stone soup

    This is how stone soup can change a person or a village. The villagers try to hide their food because of the munks. After they gave them some of their food for the soup. The munks share the soup after they made it.also the villagers trusted the monks with all the food they gave them it for the soup.they are caring because they cared for the villagers because they gave the villagers some of the soup. They were not honest at the start of the book but later on they started to be honest because they said they had food but at the star they hid the food so the monks can’t get the food. This is how the book stone soup can change a person or a village.

  14. Oliver says:

    Stone Soup

    Stone soup has many different amazing examples of caring, honesty and trustworthiness.

    Stone soup is a very good book about caring. Because when the monks knocked on the villagers doors they pretended they weren’t there, so they didn’t care. But they were caring when they gave different food items for the stone soup.

    Stone soup is a very good book about honesty. Like when the villagers turn off lights and pretended they weren’t there when the villagers knocked on their door was not being honest. Also when they were bringing varieties of food for the soup was being honest.

    Stone Soup is a really good book about trustworthiness. Because when the monks knock on the villagers door they pretend their not there , so they are not trustworthy. But when the little girl gives the first food item she is trustworthy.

    As you can see there are so many awesome things to learn in this book!

  15. logan says:

    Stone soup
    I hope you like my reasons about stone soup. Stone soup is a book about character development because a lot of people in the village were caring. They were caring because they gave the soldiers all the ingredients/food for the soup. Also they were trustworthy because they didn’t just take all of all the soup they let the soldiers have some. Also they were honest because they told the soldiers that they had all the food to make the soup. But at first they were scared of the soldiers because they know they would want something to eat and a place/bed to sleep on. I believe this is what the book is about.

  16. Antonio says:

    Stone soup

    I believe it is those character traits because in caring they all hated and did not want to share food with neighbors because they did not care or trust them but then when the monks came they all came together and they shared their food with each other that is what I think about caring now there is.Honesty takes place in the book is that in the beginning when the soldiers came and asked for food they all lied saying they had no food and other lies so they are not being honest.I think that the solder were just tricking them so the truth will come out.Lastly trustworthy I think that this book contains trustworthiness because they all needed to trust each other so they can make stone soup all so the villagers needed to trust the monk and the soldiers and they needed to trust them so that is how it takes place in the book.

  17. Mackenzie says:

    Stone Soup
    In the story Stone Soup 3 monks/soldiers are hungry and go to a village, asked for food and the villagers close and lock windows and doors and turn off lights/hide food and make excuses then the monks/soldiers start making stone soup then there is a feast. So the story has some character development.

    I believe Stone Soup is a story about character development because the villagers learn to trust each other and care for each other. Plus they have not talk in years and because of the monks/soldiers they talked again. There is trustworthiness and honesty in the story when the villagers start to trust the monks/soldiers and each other. There is caring in the story when everybody helps out making the soup.

    That is my point of view of the story Stone Soup.

  18. Nolan says:

    Stone soup
    Stone soup is a story about lessons and character development with a good tale to it. In stone soup the main characters are 3 monks that just came back from a war. They were tired and looking for somewhere to sleep and then they spotted a village. The monks thought they could ask to stay there and get some food but the village had been betrayed before. So when the monks showed up every villager locked their doors and windows and turned off the lights. So the monks said we must make stone soup then everyone joined in. after they had a big feast. How there was a character development was because at the start the villagers did not even trust their neighbors and after they ate and talked for hours. That was my point of view.

  19. alexander says:

    The character traits of stone soup are Respect,Honesty,and Cooperation How many do see or not see?This book might be about character development in the both books everyone shares at the end to make something awesome.For example if only the little girl had helped in book two it would be a big bowl of rocks,hot water,and a little bit of salt and pepper.

    One character trait that is not in this book is respect in the second book everyone is savage and no one helps one another and never do anything for something else they only do it for themselves.what character traits do you think this book shows

  20. hannah says:

    Stone Soup
    Have you ever heard of the book called stone soup well if not then you will hear my point of view about how you can change people and a village and sharing.One of the character developments in the book is when the 3 soldiers came to the village after the fight in a war and were really hungry and were going door to door asking for food and a warm place to stay for the night but they all lied and were being dishonest.Another character development in the book was when the 3 soldiers said well let’s make stone soup.When they said that everyone was really curious and wanted to know what that was.And then the 3 soldiers said”We need this to make the stone soup and then everyone started to be honest and saying well I have a little bit of this that we can use.And they were also caring when they were all offering to give some stuff for the stone soup.And this is my point of view about the book of stone soup what is yours.

  21. thomas says:

    See if the book is good it’s not that much different from the other one in 7 Monks and it’s not that much and it I don’t think the first one used the stones but the second one they use dogs that I know for sure and that they’re both going to a village one of them had a harder time with the monks the other one didn’t have that much hard time. So that they’re similar like exact simulant they’re not dead center same cuz they’re different stories it’s quite different author that’s nice.

  22. nathan says:

    Stone soup

    Stone soup will be made out of this paragraph. At the start of the book all the villagers wear selfish and lock them self in that house. Be for the monks came to village the villagers wear not cooperating with each other. One girl was not selfish like all the other villagers. I would of figured that all of the villagers would be nice. Some of the villagers are not trustworthy. For example like when the monks came to the village and all the villagers hid in their houses and lock their houses and windows and doors. The Stone soup has been made. Now it’s time to have a fantastic day. =)

  23. Jackson says:

    How do you think stone soup can change a person or a village well this is how. In three ways in caring because they will care more to people and they all made it so they care more and another way is honest because they ac be more honest with visitors and trust worthiness because they are more trustworthy. That’s how stone soup can change a village or a person.

  24. avery says:

    I think that stone soup is a book of honesty caring and being trustworthy because the people were not being trustworthy or caring at the start but when they make the soup they start to open them selfs up to the monks the villagers started to be caring when they make the soup because they are curios to what the recipe was.when the people gave the monks food they were being honest.

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