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Should Animals Be Used To Test For New Produts

Posted by on November 14, 2011

In my opinion animals should be used to be tested on for new stuff. If the company hands out

food for animals and it has not been tested it could kill the animal.

I think animals should be tested on so they do not have to test on humans. The person could die . A new product could becoming out and they do not test it to be safe, then someone could die from it. The company could get sued from the that person . They could lose lots of money because of it.

The death of an animal like a rat would be alright .No really likes them. Rats would be good to test on and you would know if the food or products safe enough to sell you can find rats any where their population would not be affected by testing.

Human death would not be a good thing for the company . A death every day would be a bad thing. Animals cannot take you to court.

In conclusion I believe testing on animals is ok because it will not affect population too much

 By: tannisha

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