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Should school have Dress Codes

Posted by on November 4, 2011

In my opinion school should have dress code. So kids would not be made fun of . Other people would not mack fun of them for what they are wearing and what they look like.

We should have dress code. Kids would not come up to you and make fun of you and your cloths. A bully might come up and start to say mean comments or you are getting mean looks from everyone.

You will know what to wear every day when you go to school . When you wake up and you are running late and you can’t decide what to wear, and you just have t put on your uniform and go to the door.

A dress code would be a good idea so you fit in when you hang out with friends . You will all look the same . You can change your accessories and hair but everyone has the same cloths. No feels left out because they cant afford excessive brand names.

Dress codes would be an good idea for school. And not so you have to look the same so you do not get bulled.

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