Homework is pilling up on

My desk one after one

It filling like im carrying an elephant

In my back pack


HELP HELP my home work

I cant see its to high

Thats my home work




By: Tannisha


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Darkness in my room.

Corner to corner

Sperding like a pich

Black sheep.

I cant see.all I

See is darkness

thats what I see

All day

All night

I cant see all I

See is darkness

By: Tannisha

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Water sweet water

Clear waet water

Water that teast good

How we cant live with out you

Water come

To my come come

I cant live with out you.


By: Tannisha

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I think the authers message is dont jog people by they look.  Shrek 2 was about shrek marring a prince then he when to a kingdom fare fare away.  Then he eats at a fancy dinner table with knife and forks .and then a donkey calling him self a nodal steve.  Then a fairy god mother trying to get her son in love with the prince .So the anthers message in dont jog people by how they look.


by: Tannisha English

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Water Rising

I think (water rising) is good . You should see the area that are going to flood and drought it sad to see this. The drought are bigger then the floods .The floods are going to be from the ice caps melting then the water is going to be high. The drought are going to be from the storms sucking the moocher out of the ground and the droughts are going to be very big.



By: Tannisha

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Optical illusions of The Week

Where is the other tiger

By: Tannisha English

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Louis Riel

Louis Riel Louis Riel was both . Why he shot a man with out government permission . Louis Riel attack the solders lots of them died and Riel got away.

Louis Riel tried to protect the metis from dieing and the war against government . And Riel escaped before the Canadian troops arrest him of Thomas Scott .

 Louis Riel attack the Canadian but they lost . Then he trend him self in . Louis was trying to safe the metis . But he goes to court .

Louis Riel was both for reasons. Hero for protecting the metis .Traitor for killing a guy without the government permission.

 Louis Riel is both .Louis Riel is mostly a hero for being good to the metis and giving them land.


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Should Animals Be Used To Test For New Produts

In my opinion animals should be used to be tested on for new stuff. If the company hands out

food for animals and it has not been tested it could kill the animal.

I think animals should be tested on so they do not have to test on humans. The person could die . A new product could becoming out and they do not test it to be safe, then someone could die from it. The company could get sued from the that person . They could lose lots of money because of it.

The death of an animal like a rat would be alright .No really likes them. Rats would be good to test on and you would know if the food or products safe enough to sell you can find rats any where their population would not be affected by testing.

Human death would not be a good thing for the company . A death every day would be a bad thing. Animals cannot take you to court.

In conclusion I believe testing on animals is ok because it will not affect population too much

 By: tannisha

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Should school have Dress Codes

In my opinion school should have dress code. So kids would not be made fun of . Other people would not mack fun of them for what they are wearing and what they look like.

We should have dress code. Kids would not come up to you and make fun of you and your cloths. A bully might come up and start to say mean comments or you are getting mean looks from everyone.

You will know what to wear every day when you go to school . When you wake up and you are running late and you can’t decide what to wear, and you just have t put on your uniform and go to the door.

A dress code would be a good idea so you fit in when you hang out with friends . You will all look the same . You can change your accessories and hair but everyone has the same cloths. No feels left out because they cant afford excessive brand names.

Dress codes would be an good idea for school. And not so you have to look the same so you do not get bulled.

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Weekends Should Be Longer !!!!

In my opinion , school should do this . So  the weeks are shorter and weekends are longer so on weekends you can hang out with your friends . Then you are not taking a lot when you come to school.

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