Water’s Important

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Did you know every minute7 people die of poluted water and lack of water. I calculated how many would die in a six hour school day two thousand five hundred twenty was my anwser thats alot of people if you did not notice.


Over two-thirds of the earth’s fresh water is locked up in snow, ice, glaciers, permafrost, plamts, and animals. We need that water because alot of countrie’s lack alot water. a main countrie that has alot of water is Canada, Canada has alot of people asking them for water suck as Russia and America.


We polute alot of are water. Did you know it would take the Great Lake’s eight hundred  to thousand years to naturally flush out all trace’s of pollution. And plus the Great Lake’s contain 23 quadrillion litre’s of fresh water! And the Great Lake’s is a main source of fresh water for Canada.


Water is the key to survival you need it. 160 million people go to the River Nile each day for fresh water what will happen if that drains out. Canada and America are all ready shipping water bottles of to driffrent countries and we ship the water bottles which pollutes the water which is not a good thing. Wars start for oil and land it’s soon going to be for water.


In my conclusion> There are so many place’s that lack water and Canada and America are trying to give them water as much they can but shipping water pollutes the water and in years to come melting ice caps will rise the oceans by 5 meters we need to protect and use are water smart it’s important we need.


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