MMORPG: World of warcraft vs Skyrim which is better? and is it nerdy?

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Hey magic man here, and one thing MMORPG means massive mulity online role playing game and and example for an MMORPG would be world of warcraft and the one thing that really bugs me is people say it is for nerds but I play wow.

People on xbox play MMORPG’s and they say it’s not nerdy but then when u play wow on the computer or any other MMORPG they think it’s nerdy it’s not for nerd’s for god sakes my dad play’s wow ok yes i guess my dad’s a nerd it’s for people who want computer fun.


Ok a new game just came out for xbox it’s called Skyrim and my friends want it so bad and i’ts a good game not better than wow but they want it really bad and there getting it for Christmas. Skyrim is a MMORPG they say it’s not nerdy but wow is makes no sense,there both MMORPG’s but then when you put a game on the computer it’s nerdy.


And my last thing to show WoW is better then Skyrim is the world expansion. You can go very far in the world in WoW but in Skyrim it’s a limit area.And WoW has more of weapons like theres way more iteams in WoW for a better experience. What’s better WoW or Skyrim what do you think.


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