Louis Riel Hero Or Traitor

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In my opinion Louise Riel is a hero, He is one of the first people to stand against the government thinking everyone has a right and the government can’t take his or the metis land they were there first they have the right to stand to the government.




He fought for the metis, but how hard he fought the settlers would keep coming and eventualy started to kill the bison so the government promised to give them food and supplies if they signed a sheet of cores the government put the sheet in English the metis could not read it but signed it anyway but the food that was provided the metis did not know how to make or farm it so was starting to go hungry.


So the metis decided to fight against the government but there is two big problem that is

needed in war 1 food and 2 ammo but they solved there ammo problem with ambushing a little army coming by and killed them for ammo but did still not have food.



While this was going on Riel was in jail saying he was innocent but his lawyers were saying act insane so they do not kill you and you can get of scotch free but Riel said no he said he had a right to defend his rights killed or not killed Riel would not give up but they found Riel guilty of treason and murder and the hung Riel.




In my conclusion to have the guts to say he’s not insane and he does not fear death and will take the punishment he had right but the were not shown Riel is a hero to Canada,       




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