Bully awareness week / PSA

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Hey guys, Its Bully awareness week! i hope nobody is out there bullying. I hate seeing bullying it urges me to go help the person but in the end ill get in a fight and get in trouble.


Today in class we watched a video, and man it was harsh name calling hands on The first video three girls were in a kitchen and this other girl came into the kitchen said hey and everything. Then she breakes out saying mean words at first i did not get it made no sence then at the end of the video it said (you would not say it in person why say it online?)


Second video (my favourite) there is a red head (not trying to sound mean) and he’s sitting on a bench and a group make fun of him then the one guy puts a bright orange tuque to make make fun of him then a bistanderd was just looking. Then the next day the same group walks by and makes fun of him again then the bisanderd again still sitting there but looks diffrent he died his hair red then the end said (Take a stand)


In my conclusion bullying is stupid and why do peple do it? i dont get it some people out there are just mean well got to go

POOF! magicman  peace off

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  1. raiz boy Says:

    not bad i like to help people but ya you get in trouble in the end not a bad p[ost peace off raiz boy out

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