If You Find A Historical Iteam, Is It Yours To Keep

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Hey guys, Im my opinion if you find historical item it yours, finders keepers right? It’s up to you to give it to a museum specialist or an historien.


If you find or found a historical item in history. It should be your’s to bad to the historiens or sciemtist who were looking for it you found you get to keep it its up to you to give it away do what you want with the item.


I dont know how many times I have to say this it’s your’s they cant make you give it away they can but it from you but they will have to pay big money. Historical items you dont come across every day sell it or keep it your choice.


It’s would be cool to have that kind of artifact in your or my house. From thousands of years ago this thing was made or created. The goverment goes ahead and takes it not cool you found it you keep it (finder’s keeper’s)


In my conclusion, you find it you get to have it, it’s now your property because you were first to find it FINDER’S KEEPER’S! get it.


ok saying abracadabre or whatever is anouing so im going to say for now on (poof) magicman peace off

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  1. Doughboy Says:

    elling and Grammer Mistakes. That is all. Also usually people wouldn’t keep it they would sell it on the black market which is not respectful.


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