Should Schools Wear Uniforms

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Hey guys, Magicman here. All schools, high schools to middle school should wear uniforms to show you are the Orginized respectful school that everyone will love staring with the outfits.

Most high schools and middle have the bully or the drama queen who needs ever amazing outfit. And those are people who will get any peice of thing to make fun out of you ” nice shirt get it from the pawn shop” i dont know something like that. But if you wear uniforms problem gone¬†because they will be wearing the same thing as you.

Also wearing a uniform will inform a/or your principle to who goes and can enter your school so know stanger from another school can get in.

leting kids wear anything at your high school shows a bad example to parents and other schools that you dont care about your kids/ student or your school



In my conclusion all schools should have uniforms for up to respect and not looking slopy and the safty to your school


 Abracadavre, magicman peace off

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