im bored

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Im Bored



Im bored what should I do

I could go chill with lou

Maybe grow a foo man chow

Are those good ideas, I don’t know

Maybe I should watch a cartoon show

How about the limbo, I don’t know!?!

What whats that you say

Stay home and do nothing all day

Why did you not say that earlyer your gonna pay


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how is this juxtapoition??         magic man poof peace off :)

My Hero

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A  hero to me is a brave, heroic and caring. Nobody know’s the word heroic better than my dad.  He is an ex soldier bomb specialest for the Marines Rangers and a Airborne. Picking up that pen and signing up with the army is brave right there.




Water’s Important

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Did you know every minute7 people die of poluted water and lack of water. I calculated how many would die in a six hour school day two thousand five hundred twenty was my anwser thats alot of people if you did not notice.


Over two-thirds of the earth’s fresh water is locked up in snow, ice, glaciers, permafrost, plamts, and animals. We need that water because alot of countrie’s lack alot water. a main countrie that has alot of water is Canada, Canada has alot of people asking them for water suck as Russia and America.


We polute alot of are water. Did you know it would take the Great Lake’s eight hundred  to thousand years to naturally flush out all trace’s of pollution. And plus the Great Lake’s contain 23 quadrillion litre’s of fresh water! And the Great Lake’s is a main source of fresh water for Canada.


Water is the key to survival you need it. 160 million people go to the River Nile each day for fresh water what will happen if that drains out. Canada and America are all ready shipping water bottles of to driffrent countries and we ship the water bottles which pollutes the water which is not a good thing. Wars start for oil and land it’s soon going to be for water.


In my conclusion> There are so many place’s that lack water and Canada and America are trying to give them water as much they can but shipping water pollutes the water and in years to come melting ice caps will rise the oceans by 5 meters we need to protect and use are water smart it’s important we need.


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MMORPG: World of warcraft vs Skyrim which is better? and is it nerdy?

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Hey magic man here, and one thing MMORPG means massive mulity online role playing game and and example for an MMORPG would be world of warcraft and the one thing that really bugs me is people say it is for nerds but I play wow.

People on xbox play MMORPG’s and they say it’s not nerdy but then when u play wow on the computer or any other MMORPG they think it’s nerdy it’s not for nerd’s for god sakes my dad play’s wow ok yes i guess my dad’s a nerd it’s for people who want computer fun.


Ok a new game just came out for xbox it’s called Skyrim and my friends want it so bad and i’ts a good game not better than wow but they want it really bad and there getting it for Christmas. Skyrim is a MMORPG they say it’s not nerdy but wow is makes no sense,there both MMORPG’s but then when you put a game on the computer it’s nerdy.


And my last thing to show WoW is better then Skyrim is the world expansion. You can go very far in the world in WoW but in Skyrim it’s a limit area.And WoW has more of weapons like theres way more iteams in WoW for a better experience. What’s better WoW or Skyrim what do you think.


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Louis Riel Hero Or Traitor

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In my opinion Louise Riel is a hero, He is one of the first people to stand against the government thinking everyone has a right and the government can’t take his or the metis land they were there first they have the right to stand to the government.




He fought for the metis, but how hard he fought the settlers would keep coming and eventualy started to kill the bison so the government promised to give them food and supplies if they signed a sheet of cores the government put the sheet in English the metis could not read it but signed it anyway but the food that was provided the metis did not know how to make or farm it so was starting to go hungry.


So the metis decided to fight against the government but there is two big problem that is

needed in war 1 food and 2 ammo but they solved there ammo problem with ambushing a little army coming by and killed them for ammo but did still not have food.



While this was going on Riel was in jail saying he was innocent but his lawyers were saying act insane so they do not kill you and you can get of scotch free but Riel said no he said he had a right to defend his rights killed or not killed Riel would not give up but they found Riel guilty of treason and murder and the hung Riel.




In my conclusion to have the guts to say he’s not insane and he does not fear death and will take the punishment he had right but the were not shown Riel is a hero to Canada,       




Bully awareness week / PSA

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Hey guys, Its Bully awareness week! i hope nobody is out there bullying. I hate seeing bullying it urges me to go help the person but in the end ill get in a fight and get in trouble.


Today in class we watched a video, and man it was harsh name calling hands on The first video three girls were in a kitchen and this other girl came into the kitchen said hey and everything. Then she breakes out saying mean words at first i did not get it made no sence then at the end of the video it said (you would not say it in person why say it online?)


Second video (my favourite) there is a red head (not trying to sound mean) and he’s sitting on a bench and a group make fun of him then the one guy puts a bright orange tuque to make make fun of him then a bistanderd was just looking. Then the next day the same group walks by and makes fun of him again then the bisanderd again still sitting there but looks diffrent he died his hair red then the end said (Take a stand)


In my conclusion bullying is stupid and why do peple do it? i dont get it some people out there are just mean well got to go

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If You Find A Historical Iteam, Is It Yours To Keep

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Hey guys, Im my opinion if you find historical item it yours, finders keepers right? It’s up to you to give it to a museum specialist or an historien.


If you find or found a historical item in history. It should be your’s to bad to the historiens or sciemtist who were looking for it you found you get to keep it its up to you to give it away do what you want with the item.


I dont know how many times I have to say this it’s your’s they cant make you give it away they can but it from you but they will have to pay big money. Historical items you dont come across every day sell it or keep it your choice.


It’s would be cool to have that kind of artifact in your or my house. From thousands of years ago this thing was made or created. The goverment goes ahead and takes it not cool you found it you keep it (finder’s keeper’s)


In my conclusion, you find it you get to have it, it’s now your property because you were first to find it FINDER’S KEEPER’S! get it.


ok saying abracadabre or whatever is anouing so im going to say for now on (poof) magicman peace off

Should Schools Wear Uniforms

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Hey guys, Magicman here. All schools, high schools to middle school should wear uniforms to show you are the Orginized respectful school that everyone will love staring with the outfits.

Most high schools and middle have the bully or the drama queen who needs ever amazing outfit. And those are people who will get any peice of thing to make fun out of you ” nice shirt get it from the pawn shop” i dont know something like that. But if you wear uniforms problem gone because they will be wearing the same thing as you.

Also wearing a uniform will inform a/or your principle to who goes and can enter your school so know stanger from another school can get in.

leting kids wear anything at your high school shows a bad example to parents and other schools that you dont care about your kids/ student or your school



In my conclusion all schools should have uniforms for up to respect and not looking slopy and the safty to your school


 Abracadavre, magicman peace off

Year Around Schooling

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I believe we should have a year round schooling system. The 45 days of school followed by the 15 day holiday is a good system. It allows kids to relax for 2 weeks and still remember their past learning’s. In past experience kids don’t seem to smart when they come back from summer break. They concentrate on having fun and forget about the up coming school year. So when the teachers also them questions there clueless. Everyone argues that they need more days off. So you get 45 days of school and 15 days off every 45 days so it works for everybody. It allows teachers to prepare and relax before school starts again. Also it allows kids to enjoy their holidays and spend more time with their familys. It is a perfect amount of days. Usually familys don’t go for vacation over 3 weeks so 15 days is enough. In conclusion the year round system will not be respected by all but it has a less stressfu; feel to it. It  allows you to keep your thoughts of school in mind while having fun. leave a comment below

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