I can not run

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Can not run

when I run I almost die
I trip and fall like a ball

Im out of breath in 20 seconds
my legs feel like jell-O

my head starts to throb
my lungs shrivel up like a sponge

now you can see why
I hate to run

but if they say
if you win

you will get a nice big pin
then I will try harder next time


Robert Batmean

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Robert Bateman

The artist I have chosen was Robert Bateman. Robert Bateman was always interested in art. The interesting thing was he never intended on making a living from it. Robert was born on May 24 1930 in Toronto, Ontario. He is now 81 and living his lifelong dream as an artist/ photographer this all began in his childhood, like all great artists.

Now Robert is interested in making abstract paintings of nature, a style that he changed to in the mid 1960’s. It was not till 1954 when he graduated with a degree in geography from Victoria College in the University of Toronto. I guess I can connect to him in this way because it seems like he was good and liked geography just like me.

Although the stage was set for him to be an expert wildlife artist, Robert moved on to become a high school art/geography teacher. Now Robert still paint’s in his free time.

It was not until the 70’s and 80’s that his work started to receive major recognition. Robert showed at the Smithsonian institution in Washington DC and had a large crowd for a living artist

Later, when he decided to come back to the artist life, people criticised him because he had put his teaching career ahead of being an artist. However his return was no walk in the park, many people doubted that he would be able to make a comeback.

In 1999 the Audubon society of Canada declared Robert one of the top 100 environmental proponents of the 20th century. In 2000 Robert began the “Get to know” program in British Columbia to educate young people about nature and to ensure youth connect to the natural world.


Now you can see Robert Bateman had many different styles or things he wanted to do. I guess that’s the reason I can connect to him. That’s why Robert Bateman is the artist I selected.



By Sam pickard


sams pictures

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In my opinion the author’s message about society is that you shouldn’t judge people by there looks “don’t judge a book by the cover.”

I believe this because in the movie when Shrek and Fiona steped out of the car and every thing went quiet because they were so ugly and they were ogres.


I also believe that the authors message about society is not to judge people by there looks because in the movie all the village


people just stoped talking when the found out that there where ogres


don’t judge people by there look. Shrek turn out to be a good person and every body realised it.



MY hero

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What  is a hero to you. To my a hero is a person that changes the world or is selfless. that person to me is my dad


global warming

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Climate Change

Like what’s with this winter? It’s the middle of January and just last week it was raining.

One day it is snowing and the next it is 5 degrees and rain. Is this the way you want our weather. to be? This is a picture of a front yard in Kingston taken on january 2. What is wrong with this picture??? there is no snow. And This is a picture of a front yard from 2000 what’s the difference?

Over a 12 year span the world has changed so much Global warming is making hot days hotter, rainfall and flooding heavier, hurricanes stronger and droughts more severe.

Global warming has had major effects on many jobs including crop industry’s, tourist attractions and the global economy. Crops are not getting the proper growing seasons they need to survive, so countries around the world are not exporting as much vegetation as they need to keep a steady economy. Global warming is affecting the weather in such a way that people arent looking to travel to escape our normal conditions. Skiing and snowboarding businesses are limited on the days they can open for business because we have no snow. We havent had our normal Canadian winters so people are also not looking to get away and travel down South! Global warming is eliminating the jobs that our economy needs to survive. Crop Farmers and seasonal businesses have all been effected and are losing money because of the weather changes.

This intensity of weather and climate extremes will be the most visible impact of global warming in our everyday lives. People who have no ability to deal with the changes, like –the poor, very old, very young, or sick–are the most vulnerable. People say that the world is going to become to polluted and the world will blow up.

But my opinion is that the world is just adjusting to all the pollution. If we keep living like this the world will look like this.pic

global warming is effecting the entire planet but  mostly the north and south.The glaciers in the north pole are melting very quickly and rising our sea levels. In the South Pole the Sea levels are expected to rise between 7 and 23 inches 18 and 59 centimeters by the end of the century, and continued melting at the poles could add between 4 and 8 inches 10 to 20 centimeters.

Global warming is an issue all over the world and is getting worse every day. It will take years to make the earth healthy again. Simple things done by every person like the 3R’s :reduce, reuse, and recycle,  composting, reducing the use of moterized vehicles, using less electricity, and using more engery efficent products is a start to leading us in the positive direction with the environment.

Economic consequences of global warmingPhoto: Glacier over dry valleysIce caps meting, the deadliest effect of global warming?

Global Warming effectsSmog may be both a cause of global warming and an effect global warming together with the green house effect are having on the planet; pictured here, photochemical smog enveloping Mexico City.There are many causes of global warming, but high on the list is the burning of fossil fuels whose atmospheric emissions are absorbed by the oceans, with fatal consequences for sea life; pictured, dead Tilapia fish along the banks of California's Salton Sea.A warming global climate will lead to more floods; pictured here, a raging torrent of water in Pakistan.


how to create a hero and idol

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I believe that a hero is a person that has saved

some one or changed the past e.g.David Suzuki

A idol is a person that people look up to e.g my

dad.A role model is a person that people to what

they do e.g lady GA GA. A celebrity is a person that

is on TV e.g. Justin bieber so this is what i think

about idol hero role model and celebrity



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Do you think hunting should be banned as a sport. I believe that hunting should not be banned. I believe this because if people can’t hunt there will be no meat and the animal population would go up.

Should hunting be banned. I believe hunting should not be banned.I believe this because If hunting was banned the population of animals would go up and there would be dangerous animals everywhere in the woods.

Also I believe hunting should not be banned as a sport.I believe this because if hunting was banned the hunters wouldn’t buy guns and the people that work at the gun shop would get laid off.

Also if hunting was banned the gun stores would go bank rupt Last of all I believe that hunting should not be banned as a sport. I believe this because if hunting was banned all the hunters would not follow the rule and if someone is going for a walk and the hunters think there are a deer the will get shot

So these are all the reasons I believe that hunting should not be banned as a sport


Should teenagers go to prison

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I beleive teenagers that commit a crime should go to prison with adults. I beleive

this because if teen agers are locked up with adults in prisonthey will be scared and will not want to come back so they will not commit another crime.

also I beleive teenager should go to prison with adults because they are at the age

that they should be treated like adults.

last of all I beleive teenager should be louked up will adults in perison because they did a crime and they need to be treated just like everyone else.

So this is whyi think teenagers should be locked up with adults

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