Climate Change – Is It Important?

In my opinion climate change is very important. With the temperature rising on earth the climate begins to shift. Some places will flood some places will face drought. Climate change is becoming an increasingly big problem.

Climate change is caused by the earth warming because we pollute the earth with greenhouse gasses being sent into the atmosphere thinning it out and letting more sun in. When more sun comes through the atmosphere, the earth absorbs more heat and the heat warms the water this is what we call global warming.

As the temperature rises the icecaps and glaciers that have been frozen for centuries start to melt. People that think that these glaciers melting is a good thing because we will have more water are wrong. the water that comes 0ut of these glaciers are going into the oceans and offsetting the balance in the ocean and will kill the saltwater fish. Also when the glaciers melt the water that comes down our lakes and streams will become stag net and the power generation plants will stop because there is not enough water to run them and there will be huge black outs.

In conclusion, water is a vital to human civilization and we can not live without it. did you know that 7 people die every minute because lack of water or polluted water? Thats all for now.



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I believe the P.S.A Think before you post is the most effective. People online on Facebook and Myspace post pictures and their opinion people can make fun of.

When people post pictures online they could be copied and photo-shopped. They make you look like your doing something your not. If people post this photo-shopped online it can never be permanently deleted. Also the person can make your face look like there is something wrong with it. Just one picture can ruin your life.

If you post a comment or a sentence expressing your opinion people twist your words and make you sound like your saying something your not. Also if you are trying to get a job  like a hospital assistant and your employer looks your name up and it says on Facebook your a pedophile, it may criticize your job.

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Should the government rate music?

In my opinion the government should rate music from C,E,PG,R and M. Viewer are just not able to relate to a song or the song my be just inappropriate. I think that at least half  of songs out there have bad language or inappropriate subject

Some songs have bad language in them that are inappropriate to young kid. Songs like eminem have have bad language in them. When kids hear this on the radio or on there brother or sisters CD, they will start repeating the bad language or singing the song. This will get the sibling in trouble for letting their younger brother or sister listen to the song and if the kid gets into trouble for saying it they might make the excuse “I heard it on the radio so it must be okay right?” Wrong!

Songs that have bad themes bad language in them are inappropriate to young kids. The songs that I hear on the radio have bad themes. The most popular themes are drugs and sex. These are things that kids should not know about until they are at least 13 or have had ‘The Talk’. Not from a lousy song on the radio.

Who wants to turn on the radio and have to listen to children songs? I know I don’t. Turning on the radio expecting to listen to a song like Free It Easy and finding out it’s Olde McDonald is a great letdown. This is why children sons should be rated C and C rated songs should have there own radio station and CDs. Most of them don’t even make sense and shouldn’t be combined with PG songs. Also if a child is listening to Ba Ba Black Sheep on the radio and the next song turns out to be a bad song with swearing in it. Who wants their 4 year old listening to that?

In conclusion I believe that the Government should rate songs C,E,PG,M and R. Some songs are just inappropriate to different aged listeners.



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Should cell phones and beepers be allowed at school?

In my opinion cellphones and beepers shouldn’t be allowed in class but, be allowed outside. Cellphones and beepers disrupts class and distract other students. The beeping and ringing make teachers trying to give a lesson hard to listen to and make other students disrupted because they are wondering what the other students are talking about when they are texting and they are having conversations with other students on their phone. Also students get off task when they are asked to enter the conversation and they accept and they start chatting with other students and eventually they will get the whole class off task. This  should be what people do OUTSIDE.

During tests, if people don’t know the answer the great invention of the ‘cellphone’ could be used to get answers from other students or people could just go on Google or Bing. This is not fair to people that don’t have phones and actually study and try do get good marks the right way.-By the book.

Although cellphones and beepers should not be allowed in class, they should be allowed outside and on breaks. They provide students to talk to each other if they are in different classrooms by not actually leaving the class. This is a 1-up for the teachers because they are not constantly telling students to get back to their classrooms and the classes that they are in are more quiet because people text rather than talking.

I conclusion I believe that cellphones and beepers should be allowed on breaks but not be allowed in class.


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What came first? The chicken or the egg?

This question has been asked for years and in my opinion the egg came first. First of all, if the chicken did come first where did it come from?-An Egg. Also dinosaurs came before chickens, and dinos laid eggs. Where did the egg come from? I believe that a close relative to a chicken had a deformed egg and it had an offspring and the birds had an offspring and they eventually evolved into a chicken. I can’t prove what came first but in my I opinion, the egg came first.



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