Water as Precious as Oil

We have been talking in class about how we use the world’s water and different water issues.  We have read explanations, watched video clips on water issues, and watched a movie on climate change and how it could affect our global water supply. 


 “Within your lifetime, fresh water could be as precious as oil is today.”

I would like to get your opinion on this quote. What do you think? Do you agree with this statement? Explain using an open response.  Remember to give your gist statement and support for your answer.  Your support should come from our discussions and lessons in science and language arts, the movie we watched and the video clips on water issues.

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12 Responses to Water as Precious as Oil

  1. joh says:

    I think that the quote means that because of the pollution in our world and society today, the water will be polluted to the point that we won’t be able to use it, even though we have so much. Water is plentiful, but we have to really be careful about it too. It is true that no water ever leaves, but as we use it, it takes time to become filtered and usable again, so eventually we will run short between the mass usage and the pollution in the water.

    That’s just my thoughts…

  2. joh says:

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  3. joh says:

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  4. JJ says:

    Yes. I think water will be as precious as oil some day becuase our population is increasing and that could also lead to more pollution in our fresh water.

  5. raiz boy says:

    I agree with this because global warming and pollution is making our water get toxic global warming is rising the water and pollution gets in the water and it is getting worse everyday and i believe in that quote

    By raiz boy

  6. grant says:

    Water is good for the world because you can use it for a lot of things and oil is precious just like water.

  7. brookie wanna cookie! says:

    Yes, I agree that water will soon become as precious as oil. Our population is increasing which will lead to more pollution and we would soon not have as much fresh water as today. This will cause people to start fighting over who get’s what water and when.

  8. tannisha says:

    I agree with this statment we are running out of fresh water because the poler ice caps are melting and fresh water is in the ice caps and that is are supply and that where it comes from.
    and we have to share it with the world. The populathon is 7 billion we have 33 million .

  9. Willis says:

    Water is one of the worlds natural resources and yes, are supply is slowly decreasing. So yes, I do agree that our water is soon going to be as precious than oil.

    - Willis

  10. britney says:

    yes. i believe that soon water is going to be as precious as water. We use water faster than it can refilter again so edvenchily we will run out of fresh water and it will be polluted.

  11. MOON WALK MASTER!!!!!!! says:

    I disagree with this statment. I think that water is more prescious then oil because we need water to live. We can get around with out oil but we can’t get around without water.

    The amount of water on earth is the same and goes through the water cycle. But there will never be more or less than there is right now because there is 7 billion people on earth using water. Soon to be when it is 2050 there is to be a population of 10 billion and the more water we take the less that goes back into our earth’s water cycle.

    On earth there is 30% of fresh water available and Canada has 20% of that 30% and the great lakes contain 23 quadrillion litres of fresh water. In Canada we use 335L per person per day and there are 365 days in a year.

    We keep finding barrels of oil and they say we have a unlimited supply of oil but we keep finding more. They said the same about our fresh water but now we are seeing we are getting less and less. So I think that fresh water is more important then oil.

    In conclusion I believe that water is more important then oil. We can live out oil but we can’t live without water. It takes up to three days to die from hydration.

  12. kayla says:

    I believe with the quote “water could be as precious as oil is today.” I believe with this statement because our population is growing every day, which means inefficient water sources are increasing. Inefficient water sources is water that is polluted or used more than once, we cannot live off this type of water.
    We need water to live and to function properly. Every living thing has to have water to survive.
    Water may be available now, but if we continue to consume more than we need to water will be precious as oil is today.

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