Welcome 7/8C

Hello and welcome to our 7/8C blog page 2011-2012.  A place where I hope we can extend our learning outside the classroom and 21st century skills.  We now live in an increasingly globalized, and media-saturated society where we are expected to be able to create, publish, share, collaborate, connect, and have a voice.

When you create each blog post, I want you to ask yourself the following before posting:

1.  Is my issue and opinion/point of view clearly stated?

2.  ls my post focussed, purposeful, and persuasive?

3.  Have I made my target audience question their views on the topic/issue?

4.  Have I checked my spelling, grammar and sentence structure before posting?

5.  Is my post appropriate ? Think before you hit post.

NEVER post something that will  humiliate, embarass, threaten or discriminate.

Let’s get blogging!

 Mrs. C


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2 Responses to Welcome 7/8C

  1. khadija says:

    hi Mrs. Crawford! You have a good point. Nobody would like it if they were made fun of. Anyway, I can’t wait to start blogging myself!

  2. Pocahontas says:

    I think this video is a good example of what people should do. They shouldn’t just stand around and be bystanders. They should stand up and help the victim.

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