We have been working hard in class analysing, performing and writing poetry.  Now it is time to share some of the fantastic poetry you have all written!  Post one of  your poems on your own blog page, making sure you include an illustration/visuals that relate to the main theme of your poem.  Once you have posted your own poem, go and read some of your classmates poetry, make sure you leave a comment for each poem you read (remember to be positive and constructive – not negative or rude).

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3 Responses to Poetry

  1. nathan says:

    hi im nathan a student from mrs boltons class and i think that it is really cool that you are doing poetry. poetry is my favorite subject and i think its reeally cool that one of your students doing one on their blog.

  2. Desmond says:

    Hi I’m Desmond and I read some of the poems on this site/blog and they were very creative and thoughtful. So bye for now and I’ll come back to post later.

    • ncrawford says:

      Thanks for your post. I thought that most of the poems were very creative and thoughtful as well. I think some of my students were a bit shy and saved their best poems for me to read privately, but thank you for your comments and look forward to sharing more ideas with you and your classmates.

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