Teens in adult prison .vs. teen prison

November 4th, 2011

In my opinion teen criminals should be put in their own prison and not a adult prison. I think this because the teens could get hurt by being beat-up by the inmates, be potentially killed. The prisoners could talk the teenager into suicide, drugs or killing.

My reason is instead of being put in the prison they could just visit and see how bad it is in a adult prison. The inmates could talk to the teens about how to make right choices, and how if you get in jail it will go on your personal record for ever and your future for a job will be ruined because no company will want you to work for them.

I also think that if a teen is put in a adult prison they could be scared and not trust adults anymore. The teen could go phsycho and commit suicide from what they saw in the adult prison, because they could think that all adults are like the inmates in prison.

In conclusion I think teen criminals should be put in their own jail and not an adult prison.

What do you think?

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