Multi-level school or 1 level school?

November 1st, 2011

In my opinion, having a multi-level school is a great idea. I think a multi-level school at Harmony would help with space, student population, and more education by having more classrooms.

I have asked some of my classmates “Would you rather have a single level school or a multi-level school? Why? Brianna replied ” I would rather have a multi-level school because it would make us look better and more people would want to come to Harmony.”Shayne also said “A multi-level school because you have more rooms like science labs and bigger gyms.”

That was my opinion on a multi-level school at Harmony as well as Brianna and Shayne’s opinion What do you think about a multi-level school at Harmony?

2 Responses to “Multi-level school or 1 level school?”

  1. raiz boy says:

    Michelle a believe it will stop bullying but not all bullying people can still make fun of people for what they look like in a school uniform but not bad not bad at all plus there would still be cyberbullying
    peace off

  2. todays date says:

    I keep it old school like my chucks…. Loyality, respect codes to live by

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