Select one bee-utiful engine, hundreds of horsepower waiting for your command
Take your pick of track drag, circuit or sprint
Fill your tank high octane, top “O” the line gasolene
Push that pedal and command those horses
Smoke the tires, burnin’ rubber all the way
Burn that gas and feed those horses
Break the record and
Take the fame and prize that comes with it
Spend the prize, all those riches
Rupt the bank and
Watch as they take everything
Live on the streets, not prepared
Sleep peacefully at the age of 60
Never wake to that hard, hard life

By: Max Mckeown

Life, like a road, winding, curving
Swaying, it doesn’t make sense
When life, doesn’t go as it should

We need to cherish what we have
or we will lose sight in life
people say we should live in the moment

I think we need to live in the present
but also in the past,
we need to learn from what we did wrong
`    Our mistakes,

And in time, life will get better
then we can live in the moment
While the moment is good

By; max mckeown

`    If I were a car I’d zoom all day
North, East, South, West zoom everyway
I’d drive all over town till one day

I’d run out of gas so my owner Phil
Would fill me up and I’d zoom S’more
I’d break the rules 110 120 speed limits smashed
records broke till one day

Id break I’d kathud and join my buds
in the yard of junk

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Shrek 2 Satire

The author’s message about society is that people feel more entitled based upon their looks and wealth. In Shrek 2, prince charming believes he has the right to be Fionna’s husband because he is more handsome then an ogre named Shrek

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The day after tomorrow

The day after tomorrow Do you think this is possible? In my opinion, Yes, I believe that because if no heat is transported though the water the tempature can’t change and nothing is stopping the huge storm that destroyed the northern hemisphere. I think reason it stoped is it grew until it hit the equator and the storm itself began circulating heat back to the northern hemisphere. With the ice caps melting, the salt content of our oceans is decreasing and current may shut down causing critical attributes of entire eco-systems could change and in turn destroy our climate. That may cause another ice age and our eco-systems could be forced to start over and our way of life may go with it. Do I think this will happen in my lifetime? No. From what I’ve seen, scientists do not agree but some say that if we continue our actions by polluting the earth, in 150-200 years this may be possible. Except I personally, I believe in that time we will be so advanced we won’t be able to pollute, because people will realize what we are doing and only green/biodegradable products will be produced. At my last school, My teacher’s father was a scientist working on green packaging. She said they are attempting to produce packaging made from types of food. That packaging will be edible and therefore reduce waste. Personally I thing this is neat but ineffective. The whole reason of packaging is that people touch the packaging and it gets dirty instead of your food, but if people eat the packaging it defeats the purpose.

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My Highschool

When I graduate from grade 8 I’m going to go to Quinte secondary school. I’m going to take chemistry and auto mechanics as my specialties and I will do cooking class and woodworking. I don’t really know what classes are available so I am just saying classes I have heard of that look interesting.

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My Hero

What is a hero in your eyes? For me, a hero is a person who is selfless and devoted to a cause greater than themselves. That person to me is my great-grandfather,  Daniel Simon Buell

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Our Water Crisis

Canada has 20% percent of the world’s fresh water is in north America. With only 8 percent of the world’s population what does that show you. It shows me that our water isn’t getting distributed evenly or fairly, and it’s killing people. In Asia, they have a whole  60% of the world’s population, and only 36% of it’s fresh water.
When water isn’t going where it’s supposed to go and we have so much, you’d think we’d cherish it, well, you’re wrong. It’s so polluted that it would take over 800 years to naturally flush out all traces of pollution. Others, like people in Asia, would use this water so much better then us, but to ship it we would just be making the problem worse with all the fossil fuels we would use to ship it.
When people all over the world are experiencing drought and water pollution so great 7 people die every minute because of it, we can’t even help

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Teens in Adult Prisons

I believe teens should not be locked up with adults in prison. Statistics show 20/100 prisoners die in prison. 10/20 of those people die of fights in prison. 75% of that 10 get in fights because they seem weak. If teens are in adult prisons, they would be the weaker ones and therefore stand a greater chance of dying in prison.

In prison, many people get in fights for seeming weak and most teenagers are weaker then adults therefore stand a greater chance of dying in prison. If teens were locked up they would need to get separated for the previous reasons If they were mixed it would make the chance of them dying because most offenders get locked up for violent/aggressive crimes and that aggression could be released on fellow inmates

If teens and adults were in prison together they would need to be separated and because prisons are already overflowing they would need to be expanded. that expansion would mean construction which would be expensive. Also that construction would be very expensive in this very economically troubled time. Prison guards are also hard to come by and that means more work for everybody. If that happends it may cause a strike and fixing that problem would be very expensive to raise pay. If people quit it makes the problem worse.

If teens and adults were locked up in prison together it would be unsafe because adults have stricter punishments and if a guard mistook and teen for an adult he could beat the teen and seriously injure or even kill the teen. Also they would need to expand prisons and the construction would be insecure and a construction worker could be bribed or could really be an impostor and break a person out of jail.

That means teens in adult prisons could be dangerous, expensive, deadly, labour intensive and insecure all at the same time because somebody made a wrong choice.

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Hey!  It’s almost Halloween, which means it’s time for some free candy!  Trick or treating as some say may be the best time of the year, but many older people are discouraged to go trick or treating which may make some people say it’s the worst time of the year.  Overall, I think it’s not nearly the best holiday with Thanksgiving just a little better, but Christmas does take the lead by a long shot.  So I guess Halloween is in the middle in my favorites.

Usually I don’t celebrate it because it’s discouraged in my family, but this year I might do some trick or treating with my friends.                                                                             Scared you



Signing off,    Max

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I don’t understand all the rules about chewing gum in school.  I don’t see the issue with gum, it helps some kids concentrate and most people enjoy chewing gum.  It’s not causing harm, nobody is being bullied because of it, so why not allow it?

Another thing is that people are bringing  it to school anyway.  Therefore,  the rule isn’t doing anything, and  it’s helping people so there’s no harm because of it,  so why not embrace it.

Lastly all us kids should start bringing it so there will be no choice, they’ll have to allow making it a bonus to everyone.

When good things are rejected ,  we need to fight for our rights for chewing gum, because if it’s totally destroyed as a ability,  well then that’s bad

Signing off, Max

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The Mighty Okapi

this is the mighty okapi

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