the Mark

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Hold On!!

Wait! This mark

is only for a certain ear!

This ear! And maybe yours!

But this mark never leaves its place!

A pyramid of lies, cheaters and breakers!

But high up in the pyramid above lies the mark,

The mark! In which all of the universe has relied on!

And this ear has had the secret of eternity for ages and ages!

But your only 11. Silence and listen to the lies, cheaters and breakers

I have been deceiving you with! Because only I can hold the mark of eternity.

The mark of the lie! The mark of the cheaters and the Breaker! The ones most follow.

The Long Road

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We are the ones.

They are the ones.

Only he is the one.

‘Cus he the one

knows the way

to the day in

which birds fly.

Only he the one has the honour

to die and pray and pray.

Ye the ones

show the road-

the way- the way!-

To another day. ‘Cus

only Ye has the honour to

die and pray and pray.

We are the ones.

They are the ones.

Only he is the one.

We are the ones

who know to travel

beyond the bay-to arrive

again another day.

‘Cus only we have the

honour to die and

pray and pray.

Remnants of Moments

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Hello Spring! The one to benefit these unforgettable Moments

The ones we cherish for eternity

Thee, Relying on Religion remains to remake the remnants of those moments

We try to break free from those chains. Bound tight to the well.

Inception, Conception imagination. All in this Cave

Were all brave in the Cave of the Human race.

Like a fly in a Web.

Moments are moments in which we love

Moments are moments endear the shove

Moments love, moments hate

But we all are forgotten

All are forgiven

Shrek 2

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The author’s opinion about society was that we judge people by what they look like but instead of seeing how much they care and respect others. The author shows this in Shrek.

He examines this concept by showing the king’s sweet princess come the kingdom of far, far away. Only to see all the Villagers in disgust as they walk out of their carriage. “Quick while we have a chance to run away.” Shrek says this because he knows the King wont accept him since he’s an ogre.

When they were walking through the meadow, on their honeymoon trying to enjoy themselves, villagers were still throwing pitchforks at them. This shows the authors opinion that people wont care if you’re happy but only care to make you miserable.

After a terrible dinner and lots of arguing they go to their rooms. In which the king says “Do you expect me to give my blessing to that THING,” and “Why would she want to marry a monster.”

All through the movie he wanted his daughter to be happy. This is like “The farm girls father,” he says he wants his daughter to be happy but actually to make him happy. As well he doesn’t see the lovable inside Fiona but only the ogre coating.

Shrek is a great example of racism,.discrimination and the way others treat people when they don’t look like, dress like and act like the current trends. Why is the question that needs to be answered.

War Hero

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In my opinion Lieutenant Richard “Dick” Winters is my hero. He was a war veteran and a great soldier. He never left a man behind and lead his company into battle and which they won. The bravery him an his men showed was immaculate.

This is just the introduction. Sorry it’s short.Leave some feed back, I would appreciate it

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What happened?

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What happened to our water? Climate change? Our inability to cooperate? Maybe even our constant problem of selling it for profit. Our attitudes need to change. Over a million people die each year from water shortages just because we’re selfish.

Our world is 97% saltwater and 3% fresh water. Our economy demands and depends on money. Like experts say, ” Water is the new oil.” We can only drink fresh water and our percent has dropped drastically. If companies need money they rely on water but soon their will be no drinkable water left.

Chemicals are being flooded into our water systems. This is killing animals and humans. These pesticides, fertilizers and other harsh chemicals are being dumped into our water systems. Some people get their water from these systems, When they drink the contaminated water they get sick and die.

It’s crazy that around 2500 people die each DAY because of water shortages and polluted water. Why aren’t we helping? ‘Cause it’s already to late. It will take 600 hundred years to naturally flush out the chemicals and you can’t bring back the people who already died from this issue.

This issue will never change. We are a greedy society, who have to be the richest one of all. What ever will make them money they will abuse until their satisfied. Since waters value has raised we take what we want and just leave the rest. If we change our attitudes then our freshwater will come back. Less people will die and the world will be happy.

An Inconvenient Truth

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“It’s our only home and we must take care of it,” the perfect statement for everyone to understand. This is our only home. Every place is either to hot, to cold or to far away. This “is” our only haven, which is gradually dying.

Our ozone has a giant hole in it. Heat rays are surging through these holes, warming everything up. Al Gore stated, “When the icecaps melt the water level will rise 20 feet, engulfing most of the world. Which would kill millions of people. I don’t think you would want to be responsible for genocide.

People think global warming is a myth. There’s proof of global warming. Melting icecaps crashing into the ocean all the time. Pollution and toxins filling the air and killing us inside each day. How are we helping ourselves. If global warming isn’t real then what’s melting the caps and making the temperature rise every year.

Al gore had a teacher who measured the co2 emissions year. The co2 emission raised dramatically since 1970- till’ now, way off the estimated coarse which is not helping our earth at all. Every co2 raise means a temperature incline towards total dehydration of every living. Our fossil fuels are covering the sky making our air poison controlled. For example: If you seen the Beijing Olympics all the athletes had to wear masks, that’s just awful.

One of my past teacher had a comment which explains our life and personality. “It’s not if it happens it’s when it happens.” People always either guess when it happens but just don’t believe it. You can’t judge when a catastrophe is going to happen or ignore global warming. Scientist know that the icecaps are melting and at one point the ocean will rise 20 feet it’s just knowing when so we can prepare for our upcoming apocalypse.

Louis Riel, Hero or Traitor

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In my opinion, Louis Riel is a hero. He tried to finalize the rights for the Metis and fought for freedom and his beliefs. Instead of going back to the insane asylum he said he was sane and took his punishment…death. That might have been one of the reasons why Canada is Canada.

Protestant people thought he was a traitor because he killed Thomas Scott, (since he was an Irish protestant). He executed him because he was a powerful symbol of opposition to the Metis. Scott might have organized a resist to the Metis. He did this so Metis could still have rights and demands.

Louis Riel was a hero to French Canadians, Metis and some Natives. The English thought he was a traitor because he stood up against his government, he didn’t, if anyone it was Gabriel Dumont. He killed British troops for ammo. He had no reason to kill.

His uprisings were not to go against the government but to get their attention. The government has ignored the Metis rights for a while. They barged on to their land without permission. If someone took over your house, you would fight back.

Louis Riel is no way a traitor. He didn’t fight or against the government he tried to help the north west become part of Canada and help his fellow man get the rights they deserve. He died because of one man’s rage.

Talent show

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We watched a PSA called talent show in class, it had a major effect on some kids, others thought it was funny. I thought it was funny the first time but after getting to understand the PSA it was really effective.

Here are a few different reasons why it was effective in my mind. It shows a great example of how people treat each other online. Also it shows how casual people do those things when they know it has a major effect on others.( The camera cuts show her facial expression.)

The dialogue made it clear on the emphasis toward the other girl. She used strong, hateful words to a girl who probably didn’t do anything to her.

The main message is completely true. ” If you wouldn’t say it in person, why say it online.” You barely see people trash talk to their face because most are afraid of retaliation.

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Remember the Fallen

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Why do we remember the fallen? They fought for freedom and justice. They lost their lives to save people they never met. Their courage is worth honouring through the ages.

The history of war go’s back to the stone ages. The lost are another gained. When wars start there are a lot of casualties. Those forgotten soldiers died to save to rest. The heat of battle is why they fight. Soldiers don’t go to battle for glory, they fight with the men beside them.

Bravery, honour and courage are just a few words to describe a soldier. Fighting for their country, their lives and their freedom. Having courage to fight someone else’s war. Having honour to do so without complaining and bravery to leave their families to fight along side their brothers.

Soldiers are the reason we have Canada today. For example: If we didn’t take Vimy Ridge then the Germans could have held the strategic point and won the war. Which would mean a German world. When Hitler rose to power then the whole world would be in terrible trouble.

To remember the fallen is to honour the fallen and their duties which made Canada, Canada! Those frightened innocent faces crouched in trenches and bunkers should be remembered. Why do you remember the fallen.

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