My nana was a true hero. She was a person who inspires others, and who needs to be remembered for her determination, courage, and bravery. She was proven to be a hero through her battle with terminal cancer and she kept fighting till her last day.

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“Within your lifetime, fresh water could be as precious as oil today,” I agree with this statement. In fact water is more precious than oil its just that we don’t recognize that fact. A human being can only live a few days without water.

Water is a basic requirement for life that all species need and can not live without. Oil is not a basic need and we can live without it we did for centuries, and oil can be replaced by other substances. On the other hand water can not be replaced by any other substance.

People in our world who do not have a fresh water supply already understand how precious water is to them. There are places like the Sahara Desert where water is already the most precious substance on earth. Since water is the most precious thing to them they do not waste a drop of it.

Canada has 9% of the fresh water reference. We are the 4th richest country in the world with respect to our fresh water supply. Any one of us can turn on a tap and have fresh water at any time, and we can use as much as we want while thinking it wont run out. This shows we think we have unlimited water supply and we don’t respect it enough.

The worlds population is going up by an increasingly high amount each year. Right now there is about 7 billion people on the earth and since the population is going up the amount of the available water supply is going down. Studies indicate that our fresh water supply is decreasing. In the future Canada may become a water poor country with bad habits related to water.

In conclusion Canada in the future could be a water rich nation but if we don’t manage this resource properly then we will be a water poor nation. All countries with rapidly growing populations and little natural available water supply will pay extremely high price for water and as Canadians we don’t want to be one of them. We must take action to reserve this precious resource now.

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                          What 21st century device takes all of your money, wastes all of your time, teaches you to be rude and indifferent and all the while gives you brain cancer? If you answered the cell phone you are 100% correct. This paper considers the pros and cons of cell phones with the unusual result that most people have one and there isn’t much good to say about them.

                         Let’s consider the high cost of having a cell phone. How many Grade 8 kids have jobs? Pretty much nobody at this age so then our parents are paying 60 dollars or more each month just to have the phone. Parents could be saving their money each month by putting it in the bank for their children’s future instead of spending it on their child’s phone. Also when parents are paying the phone bill it doesn’t teach children the responsibility of earning and saving money. According to the manager of Best Buy, the number one reason for girls’ cell phones being destroyed is that the phones fall in the toilet because kids were not responsible and had them in their back pockets. Cell phone companies are very sneaky by locking customers into a plan for years and anything you do on the phone costs money. A positive point about cell phones is that if you had an emergency, and needed a phone right away, then it would be worthwhile to have one. It would save you a lot of time because you wouldn’t have to find a pay phone.

                         Recently, I was with a friend who had a cell phone. This friend received a text message and she responded in the following way. “Ewww… why would that person text me? I don’t even like her, gross”… with the intension of mocking the caller. The cell phone is teaching us to be very rude. When you’re in the middle of talking to someone, and your phone goes off, it’s very rude to answer it because you’re not showing respect to the person you are talking to. Also, all the time you spend texting, it could be spent learning, creating or having direct contact with others in sports, hobbies or just visiting someone. People are far more willing to make critical comments and text massages about you than they would ever say face to face. Also it allows one to be far more thoughtless of other peoples’ feelings.

                        Let’s consider some hard facts about cell phones. Evidence suggests that cell phones cause brain cancer. One study states that brain cancer rates have increased by 25% since 1995! If you read the cell phone manual, it states that you should keep your phone at least 1 inch away from your body so you don’t get radiation. How many times have you seen someone with a cell phone practically glued to their head?

                        In conclusion, even though cell phones can come in handy, if you have an emergency, I have proven that cell phones are a waste of money and time and they’re teaching us to be rude. (Oh….Just wait a second, I have to answer my phone it’s ringing….Sorry about that.) Now, where were we—Studies have shown that cell phones are a health hazard and have been linked to cancer. Perhaps my generation will not live longer than my parents. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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I strongly believe there should be dress codes in every school. A dress code will decrease the amount of bullying and there by increase the confidence of teenagers. That means the environment would be much more positive and caring.


When teenagers all wear the same thing it helps them focus better and there for should result in better grades. A disadvantage would be children need to learn even when there are distractions. The argument against that is children need to learn to focus even when there are distractions. I feel that there are many distrations in a classroom but clothes don’t have to be one of them.


Many parents are frustrated by the cost of expensive brand name clothing that there children insist on wearing. The advantage of paying for a dress code is you don’t have to pick out your outfit every morning so you will have more time to get ready. Also another advantage is the dress code never goes out of style and is very inexpensive. An argument against the dress code might be that children wont know how to make responsible clothing choices on there own.


Students feel over whelmed to fit in with there peres. I think this because a lot of teenagers get bullied in high school and grade school if there not wearing the newest and best brands. More than 50% of teenagers have been bullied at least once or more in there lifetime. If everybody is wearing the same thing teenagers can’t be bullied as much because everybody is all the same by what they are wearing. Why do you think schools have team uniforms? Do you think its because it draws them together, or do you think it draws them apart? An argument against dress codes is dress codes take away students individually.


In conclusion there are more benefits to having a school dress code then disadvantages and in our highly competitive world children need every benefit that they can get.

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Do you feel most of your life has been wasted just from school?  I do, life is to short to sit in a classroom for 6 hours and then come home to more homework. You start school at what age 4 or 5? You practicly miss your whole childhood, which is very important to parents and children. I say that because every kid wants to have a fun childhood. In my opinion kids should start school at about age 8 or 9 and finish school at the age of 16, then you can live your life to the fullest and you can spend time with your parents.

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Hello my name is Mackenzie but my nick name is Doug. I enjoy all sports running, swimming, and volly-ball are my main things that I mostly like. Im writting this because I my teacher is making me and everybody else, not that I want to, but this site seems quite interesting. I hope this blogging will be fun, hope everybody has fun reading my posts.

-doug MC

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Welcome to Our place in the Universe. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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