Heroes And Idols (Introduction)

I beleive that a hereo is someone who is there for your when ever you need help with somthing. The 4 brothers are my heroes, Lonne Foeller, Scott Foeller, Darren Foeller, and Mark Foeller. They are all related to me and are really close to help me with what ever I need help in. This ...Read More

water as precious as oil?

       I disagree with this statement. I think that water is more precious then oil because we need water to live. We can get around with out oil but we can’t get around without water.                  The amount of water on earth is the same and goes through the water cycle. But there will never ...Read More


          The amount of water on earth is the same and goes through the water cycle. But there will never be more or less than there is right now because there is 7 billion people on earth using water. Soon to be when it is 2050 there is to be a population of 10 billion ...Read More

The Inconvenient Truth

In my opinion I believe that we should take care of this planet. It’s the only one we have and we must take care of it. In the movie An Inconvenient Truth by Al Gore it showed ice capes melting and causing oceans to rise. When those oceans rise cities go under water. Also, he ...Read More

Louis Riel: Traitor Or Hero

In my opinion I believe Louis Riel is a hero. I think this because he helped the Metis with their land. He tried not to let the surveyors come to take the land and he did not want to plead  insanity in front of the jury. He did not want  his people to look bad. Louis Riel ...Read More


I think the P.S.A think before you post was and effective post. A girl put a picture of her self  on a wall and everyone could see it. The P.S.A was a minute long so it was brief, short and got to the point.     In the P.S.A she put up a picture of ...Read More

The Talent

I think the P.S.A did it’s job. A little girl went onto a stage and started to insult another girl. It did make me motivated if I ever saw someone doing that I would do something about it. The name of the P.S.A was talent show and the characters were a teacher and 2 girls ...Read More

Should Sport Teams Drop Native American Names?

        In my opinion I believe that sports teams shouldn’t drop native American names. I think this because it would cost to much money to change their names. Also they would have to get new jerseys and logo’s.           I think it would give some recognition for the native American’s. Also people would start ...Read More

Should Malls In The U.S.A Band Teenagers

   I think some malls in the U.S.A should unbanned teenagers from the mall. Most Of the people that go to the mall are teenagers.I think that if you band teenagers you would those a great amount of money.       The mall is where teenagers go to hangout with there friends. Most of teenagers these days spend ...Read More

Year Round Schooling

      I believe we should have a year round schooling system. The 45 days of school followed by the 15 day holiday is a good system. It allows kids to relax for 2 weeks and still remember their past learning’s.        In past experience kids don’t seem to smart when they come back from ...Read More