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Hello to all my fans sorry for not updating the site i would like to have ideas for my blog i think history would be good so send me comments to what you would like to write about i will try to write as many as i can raiz boy off


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3000 years you see sand in 500 years you see wonders in the sand.

2000 years you see a city of fire in 1000 years you see a fall of an empire in 800

years you see nothing but bugs. 500 years you see swords and bows. In 300 years

you see kings and queens in 200 years you see change of nations and for a hundred

years you see fear and now you see new change.

Night or mare

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Some nights his mind is clean and others are joy or fear.

On windy nights a woman appears in the wind like a ghost

ON nights of fear a creature appears, and it’s a scary game of hide and seek.

Shrek 2

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I think the authors message in the movie shrek 2. Is about how people look and that you can’t judge them by their looks. The princess in the movie is a ogre like shrek when the marry. In honor of the marriage they go to the princesses castle. The King is not happy about that. So shrek try’s to change is look and prince charming takes his place and the princess is not happy and she wont’s to go back the way she wont’s. In the end they are ogres again and the king goes back into a frog and him accepts skrek and it ends.

My conclusion is that you can’t judge people by how they look or what they are in the end you could like them a lot








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 The world is running out of fresh water. Canada has 20 percent of the worlds fresh water.The demand for fresh water is increasing and Canada is facing water problems. The great lakes contain 23 quadrillion liters of fresh water. With pollution in the great lakes it would take 800 years to flush out all traces of pollution.


 Every minute 7 people die of lack of water or polluted water. 30.5% of water is available and 69.5% is unavailable. Which means its locked in polar ice caps or underground. Every day in Canada 1 person uses 335l of water. our large wastes of water is flushing our toilets and having baths or showers.

 We can prevent this by having quick showers or installing new shower hands. Not taking baths. We can use new technology to not pollute the environment. We can save our water we just need to not be wasteful.


Louis Riel, Hero or Traitor

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Louis Riel is a hero and not a traitor! To Canada at the time he is seen as a traitor. For the death of Thomas scouts murder. Riel escapes.While in exile Gabriel Dumont went to the united states. To ask Louis Riel to present the Metis grievances to the Canadian government

Riel went back to Canada. He and his supporters set up a little government 1885 hoping to make demands. Riel tried to save the Metis and there rights. The government sent 3000 troops to stop Louis Riel and the Metis revolters. They were winning at first and lost in the end. He was arrested and executed for high treason  

      In my opinion Louis Riel is a hero because he tried his hardest to save a people and there rights. But in the end he failed but did not see hope in his dream. He fought for the Metis people and got there trust.

Riel was insane in religious believes but that did not save him in his trial . These are my reasons Riel is a true hero for Canada not a traitor. Today there are few people that know how to speak the Metis language if Riel lived, would that have changed?

best PSA

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During bully prevention week me watched many public service announcements about bullying. There was the kitchen were a girl is eating diner with her mom and dad. With girls yelling at her. This one was what the girl was thinking. The best won was called talent show

This one is a girl telling the school about a girl named Paddy. She says terrible things about her. It is good because it shows how the character is reacting to what the girl is saying about her. It shows the reactions of other students.

The end is the most important because it says cyberbullying is like saying to the persons face. You wouldn’t say that to their face why would you say it online?

Why we remember the fallen

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Why we remember the fallen of all the wars. My opinion is we should remember. They stopped the worst from happening.On 11th day at the 11th month at the 11th hour the great war ended. it was going to be the war to end all wars.

Why we remember the man and woman that gave their lives. We remember the fallen because they gave their lives. To keep the world safe and peaceful. These man and woman fought over seas to save Canada from invasion.

Unfortunately the great war was not the war to end all wars. In 1939 Nazi Germany and its allies stated another world war. This war lasted 6 long years until Germany and it’s allies surrendered in 1945.

This was the most costless war in human history over 8 million Germans died, over 25 million Russians died, and huge losses on all sides. In total more than 65 million people lost their lives during the war. Most of the losses were civilians.

This is why we remember all the fallen. They gave their lives to make the world peaceful again. They stopped mad leaders like Hitler from ruling the world. This is why we remember!                                “LESt WE FORGET!”

Should olympics athletes be tested for drugs?

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I believe all Olympic athletes should be tested for drug use. Teams should all play fair. If a Olympic team is using drugs to make them stronger or faster. The team that is using drugs has a advantage over the other teams. The others are playing fair the others are not.

The Affects of the drugs to the athlete are. The drugs will make you stronger and faster, but it will hurt your organs and body. If you take it to much it can make you have problems for the rest of your life or it can kill you.

what will happen if you are seen using drugs. if a team is using drugs to cheat the team and players can get kicked of the team. You will make your team look bad.My conclusion is Olympic athletes should not use drugs to cheat. It is all for fun. Using drugs can ruin your life or could kill you.


should we have 15 summer days and same throw out the year ?

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 hi raiz boy hear should we have 15 summer days and the same amount of break days throw out the year? I beleve that we should not have 2 mouths and a half of summer. we should have 15 days off of summer. we should have the same amount throw out the year.

We should so we can remember what we learned in school. Lots of kids forget info from school because they had too long of a break off. It is easy to remember it. I would feel like we have school to much.

 People will have a longer time to enjoy the other holidays. Instead of having one huge holiday we can have many other ones.We understand that having what we have now. We can finish school faster . Instelled of leting it takeing longer to finish.

 We Should have less days off summer and have the same throw out the year. In different seasons

see your posts friends peace off brow