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Hero`s are people who showed character traits to change the world positively. I believe that Manon Rheaume is more than a hockey legend .Shes a hero to many female hockey players. I believe she is more than a hockey legend because she was brave and a leader to many.  She was committed to hockey so  she set a goal that would change thinking or lives for many female hockey players. Also she changed the way boys thought about girls hockey.



01 24th, 2012

Definitions of

Hero – A person who showed character traits to change the world positively. (Spider Man )

Idols – A person who you look up to (to do the right thing) or who represents what you believe in.  (Terry Fox)

Role Models – A person who shows the right thing and does the right thing and shows\does it naturally  (any body can be a role model)

Celebrity – A person who has done some thing in the past that  is seen on T.V`s or listened on radios daily.  ( Justin Bieber)




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12 2nd, 2011

Yesterday I played volleyball all day, at Quinte Secondary high school. We won every other game in the round robin, when it came to the finals we won every game and came out 1st !  We had so much fun hanging around each other and playing small games in between our games. In our tournament we had to play Foxbro, Prince Of Whales, Parkdale, and Belleville Christan School.

In a couple of weeks were playing new teams in a new tournament.

Kayla ps: sorry about the small post ;)

The Inconvient Truth

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12 2nd, 2011

Inconvenient Truth
I believe the “Inconvenient Truth” quote means to me that earth is our only way to survive (on land).Over the centuries our actions have caused global warming, weather changes e.c.t.  If we   continue to pollute or don’t take cautions it will be no longer a source of survival. It takes more than one person to make a difference to change the world.

I think this because earth is like home (it belongs to you). Earth is like a home because that`s where you live and if you don’t take care of your home it becomes abandon, or you cant live there anymore (its not safe). If we pollute or trash our earth it is no longer a safe place to live. Eventually our earth wont be our home, it will be abandon and we cant live on another planet. We have only earth so we have to take care of it. In the video Al Gore talked about how our earth is become effected by our actions we pollute. Our cars, tucks, boats, factories, oil refineries, nuclear bombs all effect the earth in some way. Cars and trucks (transportation) all put gasses into our airs that pollutes the air. Oil refineries put fumes into the airs, refineries pollute the air. All of these things cause global warming, causes ice caps to melt.

I also believe this because Al Gore talked about how ice caps melt in the arctic because of global warming. The ice caps are home to many arctic animals such as polar bears. They walk across the ice caps and live on them. Just like us they can drown, when ice caps melt, arctic animals have to swim to ice caps to ice cap  just to find enough ice to live on. Global warming caused most ice caps to melt into the water, that means arctic animals are drowning because of less ice caps to swim to. This also means that arctic animals may starve to death because of low animals alive. Arctic animals eat other animals just to survive. With all the drowning less food is available to living animals. More animals are dying because of melting ice caps.

I also believe that “we all” have to take care of our earth. I think this because it takes more than one person to make a difference. If all of us (everyone) was cautious about dangers effecting the earth. Our earth would become a safer place to live. A couple of people making changes wont effect our earth the way if more people made a change. It would take more time if only a couple of people were making changes, if lots of people were making changes to save our earth it would take less time. The faster we can make a difference, the more animals and less damage is made.

The Inconvenient truth quote means to take care of our earth just like you would with your home because it’s the only one we have so we must take care of it. We must all work together to fix the damage we created, it all starts with our actions. We have to make changes to create a better place to live.


Louis Riel Hero

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12 2nd, 2011

Louis Riel
Louis Riel was religious and a true leader of the Metis. For that I believe that Louis Riel was a hero.

I believe this because Louis Riel fought and protected the Metis. Louis stopped surveyors from coming onto his land. This helped the Metis a lot because the surveyors were sent by the government to divide up the land, Louis prevented that from happing. Metis only spoke their language, surveyors spoke English, Louis spoke french, English and Metis did. Louis could understand what the surveyors were saying and what they were there to do. Without Louis the Metis land would of been split up because of miss communication. Louis also helped create the Metis List Of Rights, that created more flexibility for Metis rights.

I also believe that Louis was truthful and wanted to be punished for any of his actions. In court Louis councils claimed (made up) to the court that Louis was insane (helped his chances of survival). Louis told the judge\court that he was not insane and he thought he should be cleared. Louis believed that he did nothing wrong. Louis could of gotten away from the death penalty easily by lying that he was insane but instead stood up in what he believed in, and did the right thing.

Riel was purposely killed, people called him a madman, he was not liked in Ontario, Macdonald didn’t like him. No one knew him in court (no one supporting him). It wasn’t a fair trial. Macdonald wanted Louis killed so Macdonald was going to charge Louis with a death penally, but Macdonald looked in book`s and realised the only way to charge someone with a death penally was if he was charged with high treason. Macdonald charged Riel for high treason just for the death penally.
Louis Riel was a powerful and a great leader. I think this because when the surveyors came, Louis did not know who they where or what they wanted. They probably carried guns and weapons and were forgien to the area. There was probably were lots of men. Riel and a couple of bystanders came up to them and told them to get off their land. The surveyors stepped off Metis land and left.
Louis Riel was a great leader and a great supporter of the Metis. I think this because he always wanted peace, he was religious, smart and always does the right thing. Louis Riel should be remembered as a hero, he was charged of treason because Macdonald wanted him killed (he did not do anything wrong).

Is bullying right ?

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11 11th, 2011

I believe that bullying is not right and should be stopped. Did you know that… bullying can be physical, emotional,  verbal or cyber bullying can all be part of bullying. Also that all people have been bullied at least once in their life time ?

I believe that bullying can hurt people in many different ways because name calling effects the person negatively  (emotional), physical contact like punching , kicking (hands on) leaves bruises. Bullying in many different hurts a person because it makes you feel unwanted, shy, scared and nothing. It makes you think people are talking behind your back, talking negative about you. Not only does bullying make the person scared but scares them for life.

I also believe that bullying ruins happiness and life because if your being bullied your always worried about what that “someone” will do next time to you. So you cant focus on leaning / thinking. That will effect your grades and thinking because your distracted about being bullied. Bullying puts people down because being called something or being picked on negatively does n`t make you feel good about your self . You will start to think of your self poorly and have no self confidence. People who are being bullied try to hide them selves , skip school and act shy because that “person” has made them feel like nothing.

Bullying creates chaos  and a mean full environment. I think this because some people have been bullied in the past and want revenge. Instead of dealing with a parent/ adult they will take it out on other people/bully. That creates fights between each other  and that ends with 2 people that are now enemy’s. Most people these days deal with bullies by physical contact, can not only effect the people who are fighting but it effects everyone. This is because if someone loses the battle they might go to other kids and began to pick on them and now those kids have become effected, just like a chain of reaction.

My conclusion is that bullying hurts, physically or emotionally and that can ruin any victims happiness. That some times ends up with  conflict (physical contact) and that always creates chaos and a mean environment. This all happens just because that kid/person/group/couple was ……. Jealous of you and all they want to do is gain power over you and become popular. Bullying is not right and should be stopped. Kayla ;)


In my opinion we believe that 2 and a  half months of summer is better than year around schooling . Year around schooling is when you have to go to school for 45 days then after the 45 days you have 15 days off then the pattern continues though out the year.

I believe this because we deserve more days off at once (summer vacation). After 194 days of school it`s nice to get a longer vacation to relax and not be stressed out by school. If we had 2 and a half months we would have more time to travel and go places for long peroids of time.  Year around schooling only gives us 15 days to go places (not as long).

I also believe that we would have more time to spend with friends and family because of the longer summer vacation. Some family members live faraway and never hear from them and it takes more days to visit or get there. But that`s only if we had 2 months of summer unlike year around schooling you would have to leave earlier.

Our normal school system is easy to understand and follow. With year around schooling our school (system) will be messed up and our system will become confusing. Report card dates holidays and other dates will be screwed up because of year around schooling.  The 45 days of school then the 15 days off cycle would be confusing to some people because some kids might miss count the days their off and might get ready and find out theirs no school. Kids might miss count again and not get ready and find out they missed school.

My conclusion is that regular schooling with the 2 and a half months of break gives us more time to do stuff that we cant do during the school year/ year around schooling.

By Kayla. ;)

10 27th, 2011

I think school should start at 10:00 and end at 3:00.  I think this because if school started later students would have more time to sleep in.  So the students are  refreshed,  therefore  they will have better concentration, and that will lead to better marks.  I also think school should start later because ,  then students would have time to eat a proper breakfast so most likely there breakfast would be healthy. This is because students won`t be eating packaged food or microwavable food , but eggs that will fuel them for the day.  If school started at 10:00 and ended at 3:00 there would be still 5 hours of learning each day.  Our brains can only process so much information per day,  so 5 hours of learning would be enough information to remember (not as much review needed).

If school was only for 5 hours and started at 10:00 then students  would be more educated and more focused.

About Me ;)

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10 26th, 2011

Hi my name is Kayla , My favorite sport is Hockey my second favorite 

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10 11th, 2011

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