May 10

Getting to know you

My head is like a building it’s hard to knock down.


My eyes are like as blue as the sky on a hot day.


My legs are whiter then snow its looks weird.


My hair is really short it ‘s shorter then me.


My heart holds emotion in pain.


That is my hand like my foot is small.


I live in weird place sometimes I wonder.


And I eat cake with my hand.


May 10


I am not good at science at all I don’t really get science that much it is sorta boring because when you don’t really like science and you don’t get ir can get really boring sometimes.

Also when you are working and you look threw it or if you study you still don’t get it you freak out and wonder if you will every get science. I wonder all the time but one of these days I might get it.


May 10


Serve! Bump! Volley! Back and forth over the net mine! Smooth, white ball perpetual motion. Crowd cheering, groaning , clapping… stop breathing with anxiety. Hands, sweat nervously… my serve… focus!…relax. Skim the net- yes, it’s good! Bump, return, save, set, smash! Point!


Dec 15

Climate Changes

I believe that climate changes will bring an increased risk of more flooding a lot in places because it gets really warm it drought in some areas and flooding in others so when it gets like that it makes a big mess sometimes so that’s why people don’t like climate changes at all.

In some areas  some places get flooded a lot and some times everyday because of climate changes people have to move out some times because it makes a mess and even in the town people have to get another spot to move to it sucks for some people that have to move some times every day because of climate changes.  They happen a lot because of it gets really warm out side and people had to move to other places because there homes are finished and they can’t live there.

It would suck if people had to move cause if you had not were to go it would suck if they had no where to go that would be bad for the people that got water in there hose cause they would never know that it would ever happen so that’s why it would  be a change for them cause it would be hard to move.

Dec 02

An Inconvenient Truth

I believe that if any body wanted to help global warming then you could safe energy shut off farense and safe energy.

If any body can get money from the government then they can help people to get solar panels so people can make sure they shut off there lights and save gas and save energy and don’t keep things on that use energy to save energy that would help you out really good.

When people back then didn’t know better and they didn’t have what people had now so if you gave the things that people have now to them back then I bet they would save energy a lot so they could keep the stuff that they could have now if they were a live now then I beat they would love  there live a lot better then they did so they wouldn’t have to in a war it would be a lot better.

I know that if i was living in the past  back then i would have wished I lived like this cause it would be a lot better then it would be now cause we can save energy good now then back then to save energy better.

Dec 02

Internet safty

I think the best one was when the girl was talking to jake but it was a guy trying to get the girl to come to a this party but this guy was telling her to come over but it was not her friend it was a internet  predator guy.

I beleive that It is good cause the girl really beleive the guy that is was her friend but it is was a guy trying to get her to come to this place to hert her if she would have gone then she could get hert you never know she might if she go’s so she should have a parent with her cause so if  ever anything ever happened then her parents could help her out so it can be dangeros some times.

This is puresaesif because it showes how you can’t just think that it’s your friend you have to be careful cause if you did that tomuch then other people could get you and try to hert you to because some people can be mean to people but that is not nice to do because if we ever sone that to them I beat that they would be really scared and upseat.

Nov 18

Should Olympic people be tested for drugs

Should Olympic athletes be tested for drugs? In my opinion, they should be tested for drugs.  It is wrongto do drugs and it is against the law.  Yes athletes in the Olympics have to play their best, but they should be in great shape, not using drugs.  The athletes would not have any energy after awhile because they would tire their body out from using drugs.  The athletes could have a heart attack .  It is good to test them to find out who is cheating and who is not.  As well, to try and stop athletes from continuing to hurt themselves.

It can be bad for Olympic athletes. If someone had a medical problem they could get hurt from the drugs. Your body and mind become addicted to the drug so if you suddenly stopped doing drugs, you might not be able to play anymore because it would be hard on your body.  It was so used to using the drug, that if you stopped, your heart might stop or you muscles could get injured more easily.  If we tested them on a regular basis we could find out who is using drugs and who is not.

 When you are in the Olympic you have to be in the best shape. If you don’t then you might not do well.  You want to make sure that you try your best on your own, not with the help of drugs.  Testing would let this happen.  When you play sports try your best and don’t do drugs.

Oct 27

favorite hockey players

HEY, my name is Grant my favorite hockey player is Sidney Crosby and Marc Andre  Fleury   and I like how they play hockey.


Oct 27

About me

Hey, my name is Grant and my two favorite sports are hockey and soccer they are

the best sport around.  They are really fun to play because I am really good at

playing them.