I love the outdoors. Although I may not look like I do, I actually really do. When people first meet me they may get the impression that I`m more of an indoor person but I`m not. I love camping, swimming in a lake or river, I love to sled in the winter, and go four wheeling, 3 wheeling, and paintballing.


Now I`v done some pretty stupid things while outdoors especially when I`m with my cousins. Like biking into a river in April….Splash, or making something to pull behind the a 3 wheeler either in the spring on the grass or in the winter with broken parts from a GT and hope it works, or we would just take the that would only be medal cuz it`s all broken and just sit on it to see how long we could stay on. And when we went camping in the backyard in the fall it was freezing only to get up and have my cousin drink hot water cuz he thought it would warm him up, or the most recent memory when my cousin did a cat walk on the 3 wheeler and fell backwards and sprained his leg and made the excuse to his parents that he stepped into a gopher hole and they actually believed it, but then again he does a lot of stupid things.


But me I don`t care how stupid the things we do outside because I`m outside having the time of my life. Why be inside while you could let your imagination take you wherever outside. I love the outdoors and nothing can change that.


By: Emma Woodworth


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Summer is the best season of the year

with the birds and the trees and the

grass and the sun with the beach

and the camping. All that is fun.


Summer is like your favourite

thing in the world you just

can`t get enough of it.


The sound of the birds right outside

your window in the morning to

tell you to that it`s time to get up.


The smell of the flowers and the great

outdoors the smell of the sweet

summer air.


The games you can play outside in the

warm weather. It`s all sorts of fun. Fun

you can`t say no to. Cuz summer is

the time to do whatever and have

some fun. But you only have so much time

before school starts up so get out there

and have some fun.


BY: Emma Woodworth

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The team is set and the pressures

on and you wait for the sound

of the whistle………..TWEET!!!!!


You serve the ball over the net at

that moment, the pressures down

and your ready to play.


The other team bumps it back

right at you, you get ready to bump

it to a team mate the ball is getting

close and you let it hit your arms

where it then goes straight to

your team mate.


They then volly it to the person near

the net where they are

ready to spike…………..


Yes point for us.



By: Emma Woodworth

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I think society has something against others based on looks. Princess Fiona and an ogre named Shrek got married, a beautiful girl and an ogre who thinks he`s a monster got married and were happy even when they were different.


Other people chased Shrek and Fiona with pitch forks and torches because they were different then the others and they were ogres. They chased them because they thought they were monsters that were going to harm them, never gave them a chance.


Once Shrek and Fiona stepped out of their carriage to meet her parents everyone was cheering and excited to see the princess again but stopped when they saw them. The people thought they were human like them but when they saw their appearance they went silent in shock.


Shrek turned himself into human because he thought it would make Fiona happier. He thought if Fiona was not an ogre then she wold be happier. In the end they turn back to ogres and the people around them are now okay with it. Fiona and Shrek are now happy the way they are and not the way people want them to be.


In conclusion the authors message about society is that people have a problem against others based on looks and people wanting to change other people so they change their life style to be like them. But even Shrek married a princess and I bet he never thought that would happen since he was an ogre.


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To me a hero is someone who makes a difference to  a persons life or changes the world in a way. Devorah Bernstein is a hero in my opinion. She was determined and brave to a cause she could not do alone. Devorah tried to get people around her to support troops in war and bring jews that were around the war like France to Canada to be safe from harm.

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My definiton of a hero is someone who helped and changed a persons life or the world makeing a diffrence in other`s. For example Terry Fox changed the world by running for cancer when he had cancer and he is a hero.


An idol is someone who has represented our country or  stood up to what they belive in. For example Corrie Tenboom she and her family helped many jews escape dureing world war 2 because she belived she could help them and let them live freely. She knew the risks and was sent to a concentration camp for it but she did everything that she belived was right.


A role model to me is someone who someone else would like to be like or someone who they look up to. For an example Rick Hanson to some people he may be a role model because maybe they like the way he did something with his life even though he had a spinal cord injury.


To me a celebrity is someone famous and known to everyone or at least a lot of people from acting, singing, etc…. For an example Anne Hathaway is know to some people for acting in princess diaries.

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I think Louis Riel is a hero. I think he`s a hero because he did everything what he believed in, what he thought was right and to fight for language rights and so on.

The first reason why I think Louis Riel was a hero is because he stood up for the metis for no one else would. The metis has a list of rights when Riel took charge. Louis Riel came back came back from the United States to lead the metis. Riel formed a provisional government in metis land.


My second reason for why Louis Riel was a good man or at least that`s what I think. He was a well educated man. He was also religious, and a good speaker. Riel was also loyal to the crown and wanted to negotiate with the government. So technically riel was not a total traitor if he was loyal to the crown.


My third and final reason why I think Riel is a hero and not a traitor is because he fought for the rights of other people. Riel had supporters and McDonald was going to attack them and Riel. Louis tried persuading English speaking residents to join forces with the metis. Thomas Scott was going to kill Riel but he got Scott thrown into jail.


In conclusion I believe that Louis Riel in not a traitor but a hero for standing up and fighting for what he believes in and for others so they can live the way everyone else, to get a good education and so on. Lois Riel died a hero not a traitor like a lot of people thought. In some parts of Canada they thought traitor in others they said hero. I personally say he was a hero.


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Should schools really have dress codes? I think not, who wants to dress in the same kind of clothes as everyone else, not me!!!!.








Think about it do you really want to come to school everyday and see everybody else dressed the same for 10 months 5 days a week 6 hours a day. I don`t think so, why look the same as everyone else when you could dress the way you want. It also expresses your personality through what you wear.



Secondly for the people out there who don`t like to wear the same thing as everyone else should not have to suffer through that. Some may say that uniforms will lower bullying but I think whoever makes fun of someone for their clothing is pretty silly if you know what i mean.



 Finally uniforms are pretty darn expensive to buy for a whole school it`s a lot of work to sort out sizes for everyone handing it all out and making sure they wear them. Why go through all that trouble when we could just carry on what were doing now I personally see no problem.



In conclusion I believe  that Uniforms are not expected at Harmony and should never be apart of school so students and still be creative in their way.


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Should cell phones be used at school? I think they should. I`m not just saying that because I have one but because it could be useful for emergencies or for forgotten things at home or if your bored on the bus or at recess or lunch.


Cell phones could be used to text family if there is something they need to pick up or any family emergency that`s going on. If students are given as assignment and parents are still in town why not text them what you need so you can get started right when you get home so it`s due on time. If something is forgotten at home why bother the office when you could text them to bring the stuff. What if a student  was injured and needed to be picked up just pull out your phone and dial your parent or guardians number.


Cell phones would not be used during class but at lunch and recess to communicate with people not at school or people you haven`t talked to in awhile. Cell phone usage would not disrupt any class time but used on their free time. When doing a test no answers would be texted because they would be in back packs for class. Using phones in school is a good way to stay connected with people on the outside and inside.


Finally it would save the office from doing a lot more. For example if people came to school on a snow day the students with cell phones could call or text parents to come be picked up and the office would save time only helping a portion of students. Instead of calling home sick from the office while their busy just call on your phone. If someone needed to call home because they forgot something and it`s one of those really busy days for the office they are trying to help you but also trying to keep up with the work around them at the same time.


In conclusion cell phones should be allowed at school for important usage as well as if your bored you could use it. It saves people time if people with cell phones used it at school.

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Would you rather have an animal or a person test products? I think it should be animals instead of people. I belive this because if tests go wrong then the animal will experience it before hand to make sure people won`t suffer serious side affects or suffer anything acually. I belive if its tested on animals first it will test to see if theres side affects before realesing to the public. It would be smarter to check if anythings wrong with it on an animal first and then sell it to people later. Something could go wrong and could go wrong and kill the animal instead of a person. Not many people would want to be tested on anyway. Not to be cruel or anything but i`d rather an animal die from a test product then a person. People deserve to live and not be in danger of testing a product. If a person dies dureing the test the people doing the test probably dosen`t want a death of another on their mind. people will think testing on other people is wrong. For another thing it`s not right to put a person in a dangerous situation. The person tested on  could live and suffer the side affects the rest of their life. THey could die or they could live with side affects and die a little after. In conclusion animals should continue to be tested on and people should not be.

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