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Should Teenagers aged 14 yrs. be allowed to drive?

November 14th, 2011 by caleb

I think that 14 year olds should be able to drive. If teenagers can pass their drivers tests they should be allowed to drive. They can be responsible just like 16 year olds. It would take some of the pressure off of the parents to have to drive them everywhere.

Car companies can make more money.  The teenagers would want to buy a car. This creates more money being made by the car dealer and maker. They would also have to pay to take their drivers test. This means more money for the government and driving school instructors.

Students and their maturity level. As teens we like to have fun. We like racing, speed drifting and well just breaking the law. It all depends on your maturity level. Teens will break the rules.  It is a part of growing up and testing the limits.  Others will be responsible and drive the speed limit. If they can pass their drivers test why shouldn’t they be allowed to drive?

If teenagers can pass their drivers test, why shouldn’t they be allowed to drive? If teenagers know how to drive, why stop them from driving? If teenagers can pass the drivers test they should be as good as everyone else that takes the test be sides the pass the test.

In conclusion, yes some teenagers will break the law, but so will everyone else. If they pass their drivers test why can’t they drive? What do you think?

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