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Good Grades vs. Sports

November 14th, 2011 by caleb


Should students athletes have good grades to play sports? In my opinion I think students should get good grades inoder to play on sports teams.

School comes first.  If you didn’t have good grades you would fail the school year but get to play on the sports teams. So you would be leaving the school knowing nothing. Plus in sports you need to be smart on how play the game. Also there wouldn’t be a point of school because you don’t need good grades to play on the sports teams.

Bad influence. If one person is failing their class everyone thinks they can fail their class too. So no one is getting the education that they come to school for. They get to play on the sports teams that like getting a reward for doing nothing.

Not everyone is smart but they are good at sports. Some athletes can’t get good grades but they are like the best on the team. For example, I am not smart. I don’t get good grades, but I can play sports. It would make our team better.  We could have the best even if we don’t get good grades.

In conclusion,  just because not all athletes are smart, they still should need to get good grades in order to play on school sports teams. Having good grades is important to be successful in life. When school ends, what will you do?

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