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Do you think 1 big gym is better then 2 small gyms?

October 28th, 2011 by caleb

I think that 1 big gym is better then 2 small gyms.  When we have a partice for basketball or volleyball it would be the real size of a court.  This would allow us to be better and more prepared for the games. If we have been playing on the appropriate size court  I think we would be ready.   When we are in the small gym for volleyball we have to hit the wall when serving because our gym is too small!  We don’t even have a real size court to play on.  It makes practices harder. Even when we are playing basketball the 3 point line would be at half.  This is hard because you can’t tell where the 3 point line would be or the real size for a volleyball court.  We could be hitting the wall in our gym but at the other schools it might not make it over the net.  When we hit the roof  in our gym but not at theirs. 

So in conclusion, I believe we need to spend money on a bigger gym.  What do you think?

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