May 7th, 2012


My eyes are faster than google when I see Justin Bieber on t.v

My legs are like a giraffes long neck

My finger nails are always shiny, like the sparkling stars

My hair is naturally curly, like a curly fry

My blood holds warmth that is warm as cuddling by a campfire

I like being tall like trees and I eat like a bear that has been starved for weeks.

I Meant To

May 7th, 2012


I meant to be happy today,

because yesterday I was very angry and I felt like I was hurting people

But I slept in too late like a bear sleeping through hibernation
And I couldn’t finish doing my hair, it puffed up like a poodles fur

And I missed the bus

So I watched my backpack sit in the corner, and I wondered what to do next

I meant to be happy today, but my tiredness got in the way.

High Jump

May 7th, 2012


I know it seems pretty easy to jump over a pole and land on a mat,

but I can’t ever make it over, I guess I have too much talent that I

can’t make it over, It’s either my hands or butt that get in the way

Just to knock the pole over

My legs are long enough, I should be able to jump and make it over

just like that, but I just can’t do it! I don’t mind

My legs can be useful for other activities

Long jump,

Long stretches,

And running pretty quickly

I know it seems pretty easy to do high jump, but I have the talent to fail.


March 19th, 2012

In my opinion I believe the authors message is telling you not to judge people by their looks.

I believe this because in the movie “Shrek” , Shrek marries Fiona but her parents wanted her to marry Prince Charming. Since she married the ogre, she turned into one too.
The the mother of Prince Charming, which is actually Fiona’s fairy god mother tries to get her to marry “Prince Charming”. In the end, she wanted to stay with the ogre she married in the first place.

In the movie no one wanted Fiona to marry Shrek because he was ugly. They soon realized she was in love with the ogre she has already married and she wanted to be with him, not because of his looks.. but because of the way he treated her.

My Future

February 21st, 2012

In my future the highschool I’m going to may be St. T’s, Quinte , Or Trenton Highschool if I move to Trenton.

The classes I am for sure going to take are: Math, Gym , Science and Art, I’m not quite sure what other classes I will take at the moment…

When I get older and get a job, I would want to word at a place like the Outdoor Ed Centre. It seems really fun to be out in nature working with animals, experiencing the wild life and to teach kids about it. 

I’m still not 100% sure what I’m going to be or do when I grow up, but right now that lifestyle seems pretty good to me :)

My Heroes.

February 13th, 2012

Heroes make a difference in peoples lives in a positive way. In my opinion my mom and my dad are that type of people. I believe this because they have helped me in many different ways. That makes them my heroes.

Water Sources

December 9th, 2011

In my opinion, there is not enough water on Earth for everybody to share, but we should try our best to help out with people who have lack of water or polluted water.

Over two-thirds of the Earths fresh drinking water is locked up in snow, glaciers, ice, permafrost, plants and animals. Only 30.5% of the water is avalible to us. This is not enough for most countries. Every minute 7 people die of polluted or lack of water.

The more people that grow on Earth the more water is taken out from Earth and less people get to use/drink this water. I believe we should stop fighting over our water because here in Canada we can just turn on our tap and our fresh water is right there for us when we need it. Some people cant do that, they have to walk miles just for a bucket of fresh water, and they need to make it last for as long as possible.

Scientists are studying climate change predict the melting ice caps may cause oceans to rise as much as 5 metres which could majorly damage peoples homes. They could flood homes making them seriously damaged or the flood could totally wreak the house causing them to start froms cratch to make a home for themselves again for a healthy lifestyle.

Water can cause both cooperation and conflict. Some people are too greedy and dont share their water with anybody. I think  someone who really needs water can take a fair amount of water from another place to help them out a little. We should all stop fighting and we need to share/cooperate with everyone more, were all in one world and we deserve to live as long as possible.

This Weekend

December 2nd, 2011

This weekend my sister Cassidy is comming down from St. Catharines and we get to visit my dad.  We will be staying at my dad’s friends house. Their names are Frank and Kathy. My sister will be able to play with her friends Taylor and Stephanie and I will be able to hang out with my friend named Tori.  I don’t get to see Cassidy much so this should be a good time to get our family together, because the next time I will see her is at Christmas when  we will go up to my nany and papa’s house to open gifts.

I will be able to spend time with Cassidy, dad and my friends today until sunday that are going to be there. It will be so fun I haven’t seen Cassidy in a little while and I’m sure she misses me because I know that I miss her. Cassidy is more like a leach. She’s is SO attached to my dad once he sits down, she sits on his lap and doesn’t let him go anywhere unless she’s with him.

Should be a fun  weekend :)

School Recesses And Lunch Breaks Should Be Longer

November 14th, 2011

In my opinion school recesses and lunch breaks should be longer.

Right now we only have 20 minutes of break, each break and we have 4 breaks so that’s only 80 minutes of free time all day out of a 6 hour school day. I think our lunch and recess breaks should be longer than just 20 minutes.

We should have more breaks because some people work really hard getting their work done and need that moment themselves to not get worked up from doing so much work. Teachers should understand that we need our time to ourselves sometimes and not just working all day and having 80 free minutes and 6 hours of school work!

We deserve to have more free time during school hours, since school is 6 hours long and we only have 80 minute breaks all together throughout the day. We need this free time to socialize with our friends, take a break from working hard and work of our steam. 

I know some people need fresh air, to socialize and have longer breaks so that they don’t get mad/ angry. This is why i believe we need longer lunch and recess breaks in a school day.

Should Paparazzi Be Banned?

November 2nd, 2011

In my opinion, paparazzi should be banned. They start roumors by taking the pictures at the wrong time to make it look like something happened which really didn’t. Some say people are breaking up, In a relationship, getting married, having a baby or something like that. To me this is not right because most of it is not true.

People get hurt and annoyed when they are being followed by a paparazzi all day long. And just knowing that that paparazzi will be spreading something about them that is not true would hurt them. They take a pictures at the wrong time to make it look like something is wrong, they just want to make up something so their picture will be in a popular magaziene, and they can tell everyone, “Oh that was me! I saw Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez hanging out which means their probably dating, so now i have to tell everybody!” When they might not have wanted anyone to know they were dating.

They shouldn’t be able to take pictures any time they want. They just need to stay out of people’s personal lives unless they are welcome into it or it could lead to problems. Most people get annoyed when they have been followed around by someone with a camera all day knowing they will be in the next magaziene with some made up story along with it.

I feel that paparazzi should be banned. They shouldn’t be allowed taking pictures when and wherever they want. People get hurt because they sometimes tell stuff about the people  that isn’t true. To me this shouldn’t be allowed.