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Should puppy millls be banned?


In my opinion, yes I do think puppy mills should be banned. It is wrong. And not fair to the puppies.


My first support is if you buy a puppy from a mill you do not know if the puppy is healthy or not. If you purchase a puppy from a puppy mill it could already sick when you buy it. If you buy the puppy and find out that it is sick you will have to put a lot of money into it. Or sometimes you will even have to put it down.


Reason 2 puppy mills do not feed the animals they just let them starve until someone purchases tge pup. If they do not feed the puppy until somebody buys it the animal could starve it’s whole life and die because no one would buy the puppy. And if all those puppies don’t get bought they all die. Do you think that is fair to let all those puppies die like that?


My 3 and last reason is the dogs aren’t getting all treatment that they need. If puppies are in mills their whole life they will not get the right treatment that they need. Like their needles, baths, food and more stuff that they need to be a healthy dog. Do you think that is fair?


My conclusion is that all puppy mills should be banned. It is wrong and cruel to the animal. What do you think

To test or not to test?


 In my opinion, I think products should not be tested on animals. The product they are testing could harm the animal. If the product can harm the animal it could make the animal sick. Or even worse it could kill it. And you would be killing an living breathing animal, just over one small product.


My second reason is, you still won’t know for sure if the product will work on humans. Animals are different and don’t have the same reactions as humans. And just because you tested the product on an animal does not mean it will be fine on a humans body, and you would never really know if it’s harmful on human skin.


My last reason is, it’s animal cruelty. Testing the product out on a animal is called animal cruelty and it is just wrong. It’s something a animal should not have to do. If you abuse of scare an animal, it will go it’s whole life scared, and that’s what you can do by testing products on animals.


My conclusion is, you should not test products on animals. You don’t know the side effects and what it can do to the animal.

School Uniforms?

In my opinion, I think school uniforms in High-schools can be a good thing. I think this because there is a lot of bullying. It would reduce the chances of bullying. Kids would no longer get made fun of because of their clothing, this is because they would all be wearing the same thing. Would you want your child to get made fun of for not having all the new name brands that other kids may have?

It would also be a good thing for kids with families that have money issues, they would not get teased or made fun because of the clothing they are wearing.

My last support would be that you would not have to worry about inappropriate clothing. The girls would not be wearing strapless tops, or really short shorts . You would not have to worry about this because they would be wearing the uniforms that the schools provide. In conclusion that is my opinion, what do you think?