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Shrek 2 (formative) ;)

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03 20th, 2012


In my opinion , I believe the author’s message was that people should treat other people fairly and with respect no matter what they look like, if two people are happy together you shouldn’t try to force them apart, if anyone does, you are not in their best interest and you are not truly a supportive family member or friend.


The fairy godmother is supposed to be supportive and make Fiona’s wishes come true. Instead the fairy godmother was trying to force Shrek and Fiona (two people who are in love) apart. The fairy godmother states “he’s an OGRE” her point was that she wanted her son “prince charming” to marry princess Fiona, she didn’t think Shrek qualified to be married to a princess because of what he is.


When the mailman occurred at Shrek and Fiona’s swamp he asked them to come to the kingdom of “far far away” he states ” upon you and your prince charming’ so Fiona’s parents were expecting her as a princess and Fiona married to the prince that they picked out.


When Shrek and Fiona stepped out of the carriage arriving to “far far away” Fiona’s home, Fiona’s parents were shocked that they were both ogre’s. Her parents obviously didn’t approve the second they saw him , they didn’t even give him a chance just because the way he looked they were really judge mental.


Even Fiona’s parents didn’t want anything to do with Shrek. Fiona didn’t care what Shrek looked like he was a prince charming to her.


In the end her parents finally figured out that true love will do anything to stay together. And they lived happily ever after!!!!!:):)




By: Brennah Lawrie

02 13th, 2012

  Heroes are people who lead us through ups and downs and are a good influence in our lives. In my opinion my parents are my heroes . Their both very supportive and they definitely lead me through hard times. I wish one day I’ll  be as great as they are today, an amazing parent, and human being . 

  My parents always know what to say if I am sad or disappointed ( if i’m down)!! They also always tell me to never give up on my dreams or something I really want I life. They both provide so much for me and my brother and i really appreciate it !!!!!!

This weekend:):)

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12 2nd, 2011

  This weekend my family and I are having an chirstmas party. I am going to have so many people at my house it is going to be crowded and awesome. I hope to see my family members that i have not seen in soooooooooo long. I am going to be metting lots of new people like my mom and dad’s friends.

  On sunday I might go into town and go christmas shopping, I hope the stores will not be packed full. I have no idea what i want yet i hope i get some ideas in town:):)

sorry it is so short.


inconvenient truth

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12 1st, 2011


In my opinion I believe the quote “It’s our only home and we must take care of it” from the video “Inconvenient Truth” means we should take care of our environment more because if we don’t it might just disappear. People all over the world keep polluting are world if we keep doing that I can have magger consequences there are more problems than you think out there.

I think this because in the video , Al Gore talks about ice caps melting because of global warming. If the ice caps keep melting it will make a big impact on the planet. He states in the movie that ” the whole world will be under water ” when they melt it will raise the water level witch causes flooding. We would have know safe place to live. All of the animals would drown like polar bears because they depend on ice caps, just like we depend on ground.

Earth is delicate we pollute it everyday. It is going to become un -healthy environment for our families, our lifestyle. People may think they are not polluting our planet but cars, trucks and many other vehicles pollute it every day. The pollution is getting worse and worse people think it is okay to do this but it is just affecting them and the people they love. Factories, oil refiners and many more places realise fumes into the air and make it polluted.


I also believe that if “everyone” should pitch in and help. If they do the planet will become a better place. The pollution level will go down and it will be a more healthy environment. One person can make a big difference. If this happens less damage will be made and ,it will make changes that you can’t even imagine. Less animals would die from global warming and I wouldn’t have to feel bad for them anymore.

The quote makes a lot of sense and I believe that it was a good choice of words. We can live in a better place If everyone helps out ” it’s our only home and we must take care of it. I agree completely with this statement.


By : Brennah Lawrie :) :)

Louis Reil

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11 28th, 2011

  In my opinion i believe that Louis reil was a hero. I believe this because if it were not for him all the metis back then would have been defenseless and have died.

  He fought for the metis, the provincial government and him drew up a metis list of rights. He was well educated, religious, and a good speaker . Louis believed that the west had a right to have some say in confederation. HIs plan was that the metis and the canadian government would co-operate to establish a permanent government, that the metis could support.

  When  louis went to court for murder of tomas scott the lawyers wanted him to act insane so they would drop some of the charges. Most people just thought he was insane in general. Around the 5th day of decisions he had a right to speak but know one would listen. He stands up to the judge and he wants to tell him his side of the story(the case).

  He only killed Tomas scott because tomas threatened to kill him. If tomas would have killed Louis Reil it would not be the same lifestyle today. He could not have stood up for the metis. Tomas scott Believed that catholics should not be allowed to take part of the government, he told everyone that including people at red river when he went over. Tomas wanted canada to ignore the metis and set up a government without consulting them. This act made him a very un-popular guy.

  Louis Reil was a good person and a hero I think. He should not have been killed and, the canadian government should not have celebrated his death. Reil maintained that he was loyal to the crown and wanted to NEGOTIATE with the GOVERNMENT!!!!!!

Talent Show P.S.A:)

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11 14th, 2011

  In the P.S.A ,  talent show it had great taglines at the end of it and a variety of different shots and it also gave a very clear message. The P.S.A also showed great emotion on patty’s face (victim) when Lindsy (the bully) was teasing her and saying rumors. By using the dialogue it made the message clear. 

   I think they could have added more music to state emotion going through patty’s mind about her being embarrassed and sad about her lifestyle .

  I believe they did a very good job with camera shots especially when they zoomed up on the audiences face and patty’s face to see her crying. You should not tease and embarrass someone just because you do not like them. Don’t write it if you wont say it to the person’s face DELETE BULLYING.


11 11th, 2011

   Should students bully? In my opinion Know one should bully. Wether it is cyber bullying or not, or wether it is verbal, physical, or emotional. Bullying hurts in all ways. Lets stop it for once!!

  I believe if you are getting bullied you should stand up to that person and tell them to back off BULLYING HURTS it is their life and bully’s are interfering with with personal feelings or apperance. Physical bullying like hitting or punching does not just hurt them it also hurts their feelings they are probualy thinking “why me”. For a fact most students leave school’s because because of bullying and, those people usually never tell the person incarge(prinsible) because they don’t want to get teased about being a “tattle tale”, kids should not be affrid to come to school for any reasons.

  It is not fair to the person getting bullied, the bully is just trying to gain power over you and it is a horrible example for yonger kids at that school. If the person didn’t get under your nerves why would they bully? I hope more people take the initiative to stop hurting people in anyway.


  If you saw someone bullying I don’t know about you but I would feel bad for the person. If you are the person get sitting there and doing nothing about it you are not taking a stand. If you have a friend that is bullying don’t get cuaght up in the trap of starting too. Tell your friend to give him/her a break. If more people started telling their own friends to stop maybe they would. Maybe they would listen to you even know they didn’t listen to princible’s, teachers , own parents. I bet it would stop most bullying.

  Bullying is just not ok wether it is to gain power or not. It is just mean, how would the bully feel if everyone turned against them and told him/her to stop. What is your opinion to on this topic, how do you feel about BULLYING!!




Taking Away Animals!!:(

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11 4th, 2011

  In my opinion i believe that Scientists should not be using animals to test new products. I believe this because It could create a lower population especially if it is a rare animal. If they do that it does not have to be every day , if they just want some information on a new product (new test).

  Also i believe this because it is just cruel and not fair to the animals. Animals do not deserve being taken away from there own family. How would you feel if you got taken away from your family ? They are taking them away from there home their habitat .

  Animals offer so much to the environment. Humans need all sorts of animals living on their property(woods). It keeps the population steady in your country it is there life. Why are they taken that away from them ?

  Out of all it is just not right to take an innocent animal out of it’s home, its life. They offer so much. It is there right to live. Taking them away every day is just silly no wonder animals are getting extinct by the minute.


In my opinion I believe that 2 and a half months is better than year around schooling(45 days of school 15 days off school). I believe this because we deserve more days of summer vacation all at once. After 194 days of school it is nice to to get a longer vacation to relax and not be stressed out by school. If we have 2 and a half months we would have more time to to travel and go places for longer periods of time. 

I also believe we would have more time to spend with our family and friends because of a longer summer vacation. Some family members live far away and you never hear from them and it might take you a long time to get there. If you get a longer vacation time will not be a problem.

Year around schooling would mess up your school year because it would be to confusing having 45 days of school than 15 days off. Also you would have less days off of school than if you just had a nomal year with P.A days, weekends , and holidays.

The regular school year with 2 and a half months would be better than year around schooling. You would get more time to yourself and time to spend with your family and doing other stuff you couldn’t do with 45 gays of school and than 15 days off!! :)

Soccer Ref’s

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10 28th, 2011

  I believe that when two teams are playing a game of soccer or are in tournament the ref should always play fair , even if the ref is from one of the teams school. It would not be fair if if the ref played favorites , especially if the other team was playing  just as well. The people who run the soccer  game should pick rep ref’s because they are way more experienced and have no favorite team .  If everyone is playing fair there are no poor sports and there will be no fights mentally or physically. There would be a fair winner.

“What is your opinion on this topic?”

comment please:)<3 ENJOY!!

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