Cheating in School

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In class we discussed the topic of cheating in school.  Here is our opinion piece of writing that we created as a class on one point.  Read our piece and post a comment with your point of view on the topic. Remember – when posting a comment:

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Cheating – What would you do?

If you saw someone cheating on a test, would you tell? I believe you should.  Statistics show that 1 out of 9 students cheat on tests.  Cheating takes place in almost every grade and every school.  Cheating and dishonesty has become a big factor in today’s society, and it effects everyone in some way.

I believe cheating is the dark side of education.  It is wrong and it must be punished.  If students easily get away with it, they might be encouraged to do it again.  They don’t realize that it goes against our basic societal values of honesty and fairness.  The probelm with cheating indicates a loss of these values and should not be tolerated.  Whatever the extent of the cheating – a minor peek at someone else’s test for a question you are unsure of, or completely copying off of someone else’s work, it is not right. 

Yes, there is a lot of pressure and intense competition to get top grades, but when you forge, copy off of, or cheat, you are only hurting yourself.  Cheating is an easy way out of having to work to get good grades.  Students that cheat are often those who are lazy and don’t study.  They become less responsible and don’t feel that they have to put much effort in to pass.  If I study and someone who cheated gets a better grade than me, I feel frustrated and cheated.  I worked hard to get my grade and all the other person had to do was cheat – this just doesn’t seem fair.  The only consolation is that I know that I learned something, whereas the student that cheated never really experienced the sense of hard work or gained any real long term knowledge.

People who cheat will go through life, believing that they can cheat at anytime.  When the moment comes and cheating is not an option, they will have no clue how to do the task.  How will they ever learn? If you don’t study and do the work, you will never make mistakes.  We need to make mistakes in life, it is human nature, and a way we learn.

In conclusion, everyone knows that cheating is there.  It is a part of our everyday. The question now becomes, what do we do about it? We need to not let the cheaters get away with it.  Let them get caught.  What do you think?




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