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Baby beluga in the deep blue sea how far can you swim how far can you see… Do you see those fish under the deep blue sea swimming all fast and all slow oh can you see them baby beluga!!!!



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Baby beluga in the deep blue sea how far can you swim how far can you see… Do you see those fish under the deep blue sea swimming all fast and all slow oh can you see them baby beluga!!!!



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In opinion I think the author was trying to get across you don’t have to be pretty to have royalty it is not based on look’s as shrek is an oger. He go’s on an adventure to find the princess of far,far away he goes on this trip for the one he loves.




He goes with donkey. They find the princess and takes her with him they get married. Their parents invite them to dinner in their kingdom in far far away they thought that their daughter married the prince they picked out for her. Not an oger. They are shocked when they find out that she has not changed since she was a kid. She is still an ugly oger to them. Donkey call’s him self a hero for helping out. When him and shrek were going to find the princess. The prince charming that their dad picked out found a wolf who thought she was a guy. This is what the text was about.


my hero

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In my opinion a hero is someone that does things for others and changes their life style. My hero is Lance Armstrong he is raises money for cancer  he has had cancer him self so he wants to find a way to make cancer easy to battle.



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 Hey guys it is me again :) today i am going to talk about water and the things that are happening.

 In class we were talking about ice caps and what they are doing right now and some of the things are good thate they are doing but 90% of the things that they are doing are not good. When the water melts from the ice caps it is going to go into the lakes and then into the ocen we will not have alot of fresh water. Their are people in africa that have no water to drink and this will afect them. I said to my teacher why dont we bring ther ice caps to the great lakes before they melt and we can let them melt in the lakes and we can block off the way to the ocen with dams so it stays fresh.


  My Teacher said that would not work it is impossible to bring the ice caps here so we are going to have to live with not alot of fresh water. Other countres are going to come to canada and ask for are fresh water. Fresh water is found in places all over the worl like creeks and moutins and you can dig a hole and you will find water if you dig deep. This water may be dirty so u will have to cook it over the fire befor drinking it. Did you know that most canadians use 335L of water a day witch is alot. But the united states use about 380L a day.





lois riel

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I think Louis Riel is a good guy in fact a hero. People looked up to him he stud up for the metis. The only reason riel died is because Macdonald did not like him so he killed him. Riel is a powerful man I think he had lots of ideas but nobody listened to him or carried.




He wanted to make a change in Canada. Riel grew up in red river that was his home he also got married to a mites women. Riel had killed Thomas Scott


At age 14 he was sent to Montreal and he studied for 10 years to become a catholic priest but in 1884 he dropped out before he finished and married the love of his life.








In my opinion I think he was a hero. He did a lot of things to make Canada a better place but he was killed by a hater which was not fair.



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Hey today i am going to talk to you about NHL hockey tickets and the prices. The prices for the games  are alot of money if you sit up at the top of the rink at an NHL game the tickets are at least $110. That is alot of money just to go to a game that is only 60 min some of the NHL teams are really bad and people are not going if they lower the price i bet more people would go to the game. Like what is the poing of having a great big rink and nobody comes to the game that’s right their is no reason of having a rink with thousands of seats. They should also lower the price of season tickets because people spend well over 1 grand on them. Well i just think it is pointless comment.

  BEN :)



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HEY!!!! It is me again Ben and I’m going to talk to you about teenagers curfews and if they should have one. I think they should have one and I’m going to tell you why so lend me your ears.                                                                     

Reason#1: Teenagers need a curfews because if they did not have one they would stay up all night. They could text their friends all night watch TV and what not. If they wanted to they could have all their friends over and hang out because they don’t have a bed time. Their family would have to put up with them up all night and that is not fair.

Reason#2 Their parents come to wake them up for school they will not want to get up because they were up all night doing what the want to do.They will go to school the next day and fall asleep in class and their teachers will get mad at them. They will stay up all night and party or do something and then they will sleep allday and do nothing.

Reason#3  Most teenagers have not growin yet and some kid’s have started to grow well the reason that the kid’s have not started to grow is because they dont get alot of sleep.It is a well knowin fact that tennagers grow in thier sleep and they need 8 hours of sleep a night!

 In my opinion i think that teenagers need a curfew but that’s just me post. later



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Hey guys it is me again Ben I am going to tell you about animals and how they are tested and if they should be tested on! OK so people test new products on animals to make sure it is safe for us. Some people are against it they think it is wrong and cruel. I think it is fine because they could test it on humans and that would not be fair so they use rats and other small animals. If they were to test products on people it should be people in prison who have a life sentence and they have nothing to live for so it is only fair! If we use small animals that do nothing for use people would not miss them at all because they do nothing for us. I no i would not miss them because they have no point in life. Sorry if i sound rude but it only makes sense! Does it no make sense               Ben out peace


when should school start?

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HEY!!! guy’s  it is me again the one the only Ben i am going to be talking about how long summer should be ENJOY! OK so I think we should have are summers the way they are because we like to have nice long breaks from school. We like to sleep in a lot to we don’t like getting up at like 8 or sometime like that. It is a fact that teenagers grow in their sleep. So i think some of us would like to grow. Teachers need a break from us to they work hard putting up with us kid’s. We are pretty annoying to so they probably need to sit down and relax!!! tell me what you think

  Ben :)

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