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    Problems   My problem with school these days is homework! Homework just gets in the way, It gets in the way of outdoor activity… My problem will never go away…! I will kick and scream but homework never goes away I have many opportunities to live my life, but homework got in the … Continue reading »

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“He shoots….He scores!” Shouts the announcer.   As the puck   whizzes past the goalie   What a goal!!!   Whistles called on play   2 minute penalty slashing.   Take the face off finial minute away team trailing   goalies pulled !1   away team won face off pass to point…   Buzzers off … Continue reading »

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  I think the authors message about society is weather does not matter what or how they look its about there personalty a saying would be dont judge a book by its cover. For example in the movie, Fionas mom and dad were waiting for her supporting beautiful daughters but when they arrive they see … Continue reading »

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Where am I going in life? Well im deciding between 2 high schools 1 of them is Quint S.S or Saint T’s. I think after I shadow somebody next year I pretty sure I will make up my mind. Some corses I would like to take is Gym, Math, History, cooking, science.. So on I … Continue reading »

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What is a hero in your eyes? A hero to me a hero to me is someone who does or try s to do something great for there country that hero to me is Wilfred Owen. Wilfred Owen is a hero to me because he fought and wrote poetry at the same time he was … Continue reading »

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In my opinion Bloging is okay. Bloging is fun because you get to go on the computers everyday and tell evryone your opinion but the bad thing is we have to type long random things and we get marked on and that sucks because if you dont know what to write about than you have … Continue reading »

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Louis Riel

In my opinion Louis Riel was a hero. Louis Riel fought for the metis and their believes, and never gave up. Louis Riel never gave up even if it meant getting hanged. People wanted Louis Riel to act insane so he would have a chance in not getting hanged he never went through with it … Continue reading »

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School time?

In my opinion school should start earlyer. I belive this because school starts at 9:30 and that means school does no0t end till 3:45 and that means for 5 days of the week you have no time to hang out with friends for a bit. Also if you have a long bus ride and lots … Continue reading »

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I believe hunting should not be banned. Most people believe that hunting is cruel but if nobody hunted the world would be unbalanced e.g. to many deer… less grass to many bears/wolves less farm animals because farmers cant shoot them. If hunting was banned, animals would over populate. If nobody hunted the world would be … Continue reading »

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Cell phones in school?

Should cell phones be allowed in school? In my opinion schools should not allow cell phones in school.  I say this because it is to easy for kids to cheat,  not learn and teachers would get frustrated because kids are not learning. Kids would be able to cheat very easily. Kids could text their friends … Continue reading »

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